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Are your cosmetics everywhere? Do you need a place to put all of your essential beauty supplies, brushes, perfume, and jewelry? A white mirrored dressing table with drawers is a perfect solution!

A vanity dresser not only gives you ample extra space to hide and organize all of your supplies from mascara to hair brushes, but it also eliminates the need to stand over the bathroom sink while applying your makeup.

Most mirrored vanities are fun, visually appealing pieces of furniture that will brighten any room and mirrors always make a room appear larger!

Feel like a princess sitting and relaxing at a comfy place while applying your makeup and combing your hair!

White Mirrored Dressing Table Features

But, what are the features of the best mirrored dressing tables that you need to keep in mind? Let’s find out.

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Adequate Storage

The one thing that you should be looking at while searching for a mirrored dressing table is storage options. Since you have a lot of supplies, the vanity dresser should have a container to hold items such as makeup brushes and it should have several drawers. Most importantly, it should have a spacious table surface and tabletop drawers where you can organize everything without cluttering.


For small rooms, the size of the mirrored dressing table will be crucial. There are various types of white mirrored dressing tables that are small but spacious enough to accommodate all your needs. Some have up to 7 storage drawers, a single mirror, a stool, and a vanity table. You can adjust the position of the mirror depending on where you are sitting.


Those who are fond of minimalistic designs can opt for an ergonomic design with exquisite craftsmanship. Others resemble the style of the Victorian era. Not only do they look antique but their style is very decorative.


Do you want to keep your expensive cosmetics or valuables locked when you are not around? If yes, you can try out the white mirrored dressing tables that come with a locked organizer. The mirror fits on the front of the organizer, and you can lock it from the side. They keep your cosmetics safe from the hands of your children.

Best Vanity Dresser With Mirror

I have researched and found 5 products that are extremely popular and will suit most needs. The designs and sizes vary from contemporary to more traditional. They can be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or even hallways. Just pay attention to the dimensions listed.

If you are looking for a white mirrored dressing table, the following are among the best sellers. They are all:

  • are white, so they will coordinate with any home decor
  • are easy to assemble
  • have a detachable mirror so that the unit can be used as a desk
  • are favorite best sellers and readily available on Amazon

VASAGLE Mirrored Dressing Table and Stool

VASAGLE Mirrored Dressing Table and Stool
This stylish vanity set has a folding triple dressing table mirror with 7 drawers and 2 makeup brush holders. There are 4 necklaces holder hooks behind each side mirrors. The table surface is spacious for spreading out all of your items while working.
Table: 42.5''L x 18.5''W x 59.63''H
Stool: 15.9''L x 12.0''W x 18.50''H
Weight: 73 pounds

ROUNDHILL Furniture Ashley Wood Make-Up Vanity Table and Stool Set

ROUNDHILL Mirrored Make-Up Vanity Table and Stool
I love the adjustable oval mirror. You can store so much with the 5 storage compartments with sliding drawers.

It is priced affordably and is highly rated.

Table: 32''L x 15.75''W x 53''H
Stool: 19''L x 15''W x 17''H
Weight: 55 pounds

Giantex Vanity Set with Square Mirror and Concave Stool

GIANTEX Vanity Set with Square Mirror and Concave Stool
This contemporary design comes with one large storage unite and 2 drawers. As a bonus, the mirror can be flipped down and double as a writing desk. I love the concave stool, and it is extra wide.

Table: 23.50''L x 19.5''W x 30''H
Stool: 15''L x 11''W x 18.5''H
Weight: 26.4 pounds

Mecor Decorative Mirrored Dressing Table with Drawers Set

Mecor Decorative Mirrored Dressing Table with Drawers Set
This decorative vanity has a 360- degree spinning mirror and is suitable for both teens and adults. The drawers and stool have flowers etched in the design. Also, this set is very affordably priced.

Table: 29.53''L x 15.75''W x 56.30''H
Stool: 14.96''L x 11.02''W x 17.72''H
Weight: 33 pounds

SHA CERLIN White 5 Drawer Makeup Vanity Table and Stool

SHA CERLIN White 5 Drawer Makeup Vanity Table and Stool
Comes with a rotating detachable mirror that allows you to use table as a desk for reading or writing. It has 5 drawers and several compartments allowing for plenty of storage according to your needs.

This mirrored set comes with 2 large drawers with dividers so that you can make your own compartments according to your needs.

Table: 31.50''L x 15.7''W x 54.3''H
Stool: 15.7''L x 11.8''W x 17.7''H
Weight: 41.4 pounds

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