Socket Shelf by Sharper Image- 8 Port Surge Protector Wall Outlet, 6 Electrical Outlet Extenders, 2 USB Charging Ports & Removable Built-in Shelf ETL Listed

I have a habit of carrying my laptop and tablet everywhere because I work on the go. And with my smartphone, that makes a total of three gadgets. While you may say that it makes my work easier and convenient, let me share the problem that I face.

When the devices run out of charge, I don’t get multiple plug-points to charge them up. I can only charge them one by one. This is part of the reason for this Socket Shelf review.

The same thing happens in my house. My husband and kids need to use different plug-points to charge their phones, leaving me nothing but one single charging point. I was in dire need of an electrical outlet extender and after researching a lot, I came across Socket Shelf. And honestly, it’s the best thing that could ever happen. Continue reading this Socket Shelf review.

What is a Socket Shelf?

Socket Shelf is an electrical outlet extender. It literally is your power outlet on steroids!

Socket Shelf comes with 6 electrical outlet extenders removable built-in shelf, and 2 USB charging ports. Pretty much suffice what I needed in the first place.

Now, all I need to do is plug this device into one of the plug-points and charge the rest of my devices from Socket Shelf.


When I first bought Socket Shelf, I only wanted to charge my appliances simultaneously. I didn’t know it housed so many features underneath. Here are some of the features that blow my mind away.

Triples your power

This device works as a powerful charging station. I sometimes notice my phone’s charger not working at its optimum level. One of my friends told me it was due to the power socket. I now use the same phone charger on Socket Shelf and it works brilliantly. The fast-charging feature works to charge my phone quickly.

There are options to charge 8 devices using Socket Shelf’s 6 AC outlets. There are 2 USB ports where I can charge two phones or a phone and a tablet. These USB ports deliver 2.1 Amp shared total output which is enough to charge a couple of phones in just over an hour. There is also an indicator light that offers 1000 Joule surge protection.

Built-in shelf

socket shelf review

With Socket Shelf, I don’t need to keep my phone or tablet on the table or anywhere that isn’t convenient. Its built-in shelf provides extra space where I can keep those devices. In fact, Socket Shelf is so handy, I often take it to my bathroom in the morning and charge my phone and tablet there as I brush my teeth and take bath.

Easy installation

Another thing that I like about Socket Shelf is it doesn’t require any installation. The manual said plug and play. And so, I took out the device from the box, set it up on my bedroom’s power socket, plugged my phone’s charger, and it started charging my phone immediately. Of course, you must plug it into a 3-prong outlet. That’s the only criteria you need to fulfill. Once you do that, you have your own wall-mounted charging station in your room.

If you have horizontal outlets, you can still use Socket Shelf as a surge protector device, but the shelf won’t be compatible then. Once you plug the device in a power socket, the LED ground light illuminates, indicating that you can now plug any device into it.


Socket Shelf not only allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, but its shelf can also hold various household items like smartphones, electrical toothbrushes, laptops, tablets, Alexa, razors, Google Home, Sonos, and so much more.

Who Should Purchase Socket Shelf?

Anyone who faces similar problems like me should get Socket Shelf right away. If you want to charge multiple appliances together, don’t hesitate to buy this device.

It’s a life-saver, honestly.


• It is easy to install. You don’t need to call a technician or make any changes to your power socket to use this device. Just plug it in a 3-prong outlet and it’s good to go.
• The built-in shelf allows you to keep your phone, tablet, or any other device safely.
• Socket Shelf can triple your power outlets with its 6 AC power outlets. You can not only charge your phone, tablet, and laptop but also your electric razor, toothbrush, and camera.
• It comes with an LED indicator and 1000 Joules built-in surge protection.
• You can use it in your bedroom, bathroom, and in your kitchen.


• It isn’t quite aesthetic as the other devices in your house. The cords will look messy if you charge multiple appliances together on this device.


Can the Socket Shelf Be Used Outdoors?

No. It is designed for indoor use only

Can I use an extension cord with the Socket Shelf?

No. Do not plug in an extension cord. There should be no need.

Do I need to use a surge protector?

No. The product has a built in surge protector.

What colors are available?

White only.

Is Socket Shelf Worth Buying?

thumbs up

Yes, it is. It is great value for money, especially if you are looking for a long-lasting electrical outlet extender. I’m fully satisfied after bringing this device home. Hopefully, this Socket Shelf review shows why.

Now, I don’t have to wait for my family to finish charging their phones and tablets. I just find one socket where I plug Socket Shelf and off I go charging all my appliances in one go.

If you are wondering where to buy a socket shelf? The answer is on Amazon, of course. Just click the link below!

The COZOO USB Table & Desk Lamp and Charger also provides extra charging power. Click the link to read more.

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