Portal Plus From Facebook

Portal Plus From Facebook  is a device that people can use when they want to enjoy high-quality video calls with one another.

It is a hands-free system that comes equipped with a smart camera.  Alexa is built into the system, so you can speak to Alexa through the device.

The device is known as the Portal Plus From Facebook.

Several friends requested that I perform a review on the Portal Plus.  Read and determine if this device should be on your wish list.

Everyone Knows Facebook!

The Portal Plus is sold by Facebook, the popular social networking site that is currently used by more than one billion people around the world.

Facebook has been credited with starting the social media trend more than a decade ago, getting people more interested in connecting with others online instead of through traditional means, such as snail mail and landline phones.

Facebook has since branched out and is now offering a convenient video calling device for users to enjoy when they want to stay connected and chat via the smart camera.

Overview of the Portal Plus From Facebook

The Portal Plus From Facebook is a device that lets you take chatting via Facebook Messenger to the next level. The device may be used to quickly connect with other Facebook users while providing the clearest picture possible and giving users the opportunity to enjoy plenty of other special features, such as Alexa and special effects, including animations and songs.

It is a connectivity device that lets people chat, ask questions to get answers to everything they want to know, and even plan out their next grocery shopping trip!

What Are the Main Features?

Some of the main features of the device include:

• Alexa is Built-In – So you just ask and question and obtain an answer!
• Automatic Smart Camera – Follows you around automatically
• Augmented Reality Special Effects –
• Easy Connection Options
• Access to Various Apps

These top features are what make the Portal Plus From Facebook a unique and convenient device. Users can make calls using the device or even try other commands by simply saying, “Hey Portal!”

Who Should Purchase the Portal Plus From Facebook?

Many people can benefit from purchasing the Portal Plus From Facebook. It is ideal for those who travel frequently and those who like to stay in touch with their loved ones. Because the picture quality is so clear, it will make users feel like they are in the same room with the person they are chatting with, even if they are thousands of miles away. Not only is it ideal for people looking to stay in touch with their loved ones, but it is also ideal for those who run their own businesses and enjoy having conference calls with their business partners or employees.

This device is great for busy people who are looking for a hands-free way to communicate with different people. It is also great for those looking to enjoy access to different apps that the Portal Plus From Facebook has recently partnered up with, including Spotify, Food Network, Pandora, Facebook Watch, and Newsy. The list of partners only continues to grow.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Portal Plus From Facebook?

Portal By Facebook

For anyone who is thinking about purchasing this product, it helps to know more on the different pros and cons of it. The advantages and disadvantages of the device could help a buyer make their purchasing decision.

The Pros

• It is a hands-free device
• It comes equipped with a smart camera
• Quickly connect with people with ease via Facebook Messenger
• It comes with Alexa built-in
• Receive notifications on the device
• Get birthday reminders for friends and family
• Block the lens of the camera in seconds if you need to
• All conversations are private and secure
• Send out voice commands to the device
• Connect with anyone, whether they have Facebook Messenger or not
• Available in two different shades, black or white
• Enjoy group calls with up to six different people
• Have fun while chatting and using the animations and music features
• Offers 1080p HD resolution for the clearest picture possible
• Partnered with numerous convenient apps, including Spotify and Pandora

The Cons

• You must have an active Facebook account to use Portal Plus From Facebook
• You cannot make calls to people without a Facebook account

What Do the Customers Think?

The customers who have already purchase Portal Plus From Facebook have a lot of great things to say about the product and its ability to help them stay connected with their family, friends, and even business partners.

In fact, there are a few different things customers seem to love the most about this product, including the quality of the calls, the ease of setting things up, and the level of privacy that is offered to those looking to have conversations with the people they care about most.

Most customers had nothing but positive things to say about the device, but there were some negative reviews left behind by a few customers who were disappointed with not being able to connect with people in their lives who did not have a Facebook account.

The product is not ideal for someone who does not want to create a Facebook account. Some reviewers did say that the Portal Plus From Facebook does not have as many features to offer as some other devices but that it was still worth the investment solely because of the clear and crisp video and audio quality.

Frequently Questions Answered

frequently asked questions

There are certain questions that people often have before buying this type of product. These are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

Aside from English, are the settings available in any other languages?

At the moment, the settings on the device are only available in the English language. However, this may change at some point in the future.

Do You Have To Use the Voice Command?

No.  While you do have the option of using the voice command when making a request to the Portal Plus From Facebook, it is not the only way for you to use the device. In fact, it has an easy-to-use touchscreen that makes it quite simple to navigate through the device and make calls whenever you want to.

Do You Need Access to the Internet For Connection?

If you would like to make video calls, you will need to have access to the internet. You should have a wireless internet setup in your home.

Can You Record On This Device?

The Portal Plus From Facebook does not currently allow users to make recordings. It would not work as a recording device for those who are interested in making videos.

The Final Decision: Is It Worth Purchasing the Portal Plus From Facebook?

If you like staying connected with important people in your life and you are looking for a simple, hands-free way to connect with those people while using your Facebook account, Portal Plus From Facebook is a great device worth investing in.

Not only is it portable, but it is also convenient to use for all kinds of reasons, whether you need to have business-related conversations or simply want to check in on some of your loved ones who live in different states or different countries.

As long as you do have a Facebook account and the people you wish to speak to have their own Facebook accounts, you will be able to connect to them with ease. Aside from using it to connect, you can use it to listen to music, watch videos, and even ask different questions without getting on a computer to get the answers to those questions.

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