Wooden Printer Stand - Foldable Media Stand Review
Mission Foldable Printer Stand

My office has paperwork all around. With a couple of cabinets on the side, I hardly have space to keep my printer. And honestly, I can’t live without my printer, either. I take out almost a hundred printouts every day. But the lack of space for my printer kept bugging me. I wanted to buy a wooden printer stand that isn’t too big for my office.

Fortunately, I came across Mission Wooden Printer Stand. It’s a lifesaver for me. The stand fits into one of the corners and doesn’t occupy too much space. I was skeptical about buying the stand because I didn’t know how it would fit into my office.


But I bought it anyway because of its low price. As it turned out, it now allows me to work on my office desk freely. Here’s the full review of the Mission Wooden Printer Stand.

What is the Mission Wooden Printer Stand?

The Mission Wooden Printer Stand is a solid wood printer stand that can fold and become smaller if you want. It comes with caster wheels to allow you to move it wherever you want. I usually don’t fold it because I need the printer throughout the day.

But if you want to save more space, you can fold and keep it under your desk. It is ideal for those who can’t afford too much space for a printer and can’t keep their printers on the desk.

This printer stand has three shelves. I use the top shelf to keep my printer and the other two to keep the day’s important printouts. It helps me organize my paperwork so that I don’t lose them.


mission foldable wooden printer stand

I bought the Mission Wooden Printer Stand because I needed a small space to hold my printer. But this printer stand provides a lot more than I had expected.

Durable build

Made from poplar wood, this printer stand is built to last. You can sense it by touching the wood’s texture. It’s not like the engineered wood printer stands that you so often see. The solid natural wood has a light-brown polish, giving it a nice shine.


I never expected that the printer table would fold and become smaller. This was a bonus for me. I simply bought the printer so that it would free up my desk. But this foldable feature bowled me over. I don’t necessarily use it, but I can sense that others will find it useful if they have a space crunch.


Mobility is another feature why I love the Mission Wooden Printer Stand. I recently had to shift to another room because my office space needed renovation. All I had to do to move the printer stand was push it to another area of the house. I’m sure you will find this feature extremely useful if you want to shift the printer stand to different rooms or to a different office.

Small size

This is the reason why I bought the printer stand in the first place. It is small enough to fit in a small office. You can keep it in a corner and use your printer over Wi-Fi. The dimensions are 16″d x 24″w x 27″h. When folded, it becomes 4.29″d x 24″w x 30″h.

Who should purchase the Mission Wooden Printer Stand?

Anyone who has space crunch in their offices like me should get this printer. Honestly, you won’t regret buying it.


  • It has three shelves where you can keep your printer and other official paperwork
  • You can fold and keep it under a desk if you don’t need it
  • The caster wheels allow you to take it anywhere in your office just by pushing it


• It may not suit your office décor.


What wood does the manufacture use?


What is the distance between the middle and top shelf?


Is the distance between the bottom and middle shelf more than the middle and top?

Yes. The distance between the middle and bottom shelf is 11.18″.

Is the Mission Wooden Printer Stand worth buying?

thumbs up

You should buy this printer stand if you don’t have extra space on your desk for your printer. You will thank me later. Check out other Home Office Items at Fascinating Home – Home Office. See why I love my Socket Shelf!

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