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Accent slipper chairs are fun pieces of furniture with a fascinating history lesson associated with them. We always had these types of accent chairs to brighten a room or place in a corner, but I never knew the history.

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Click on any picture to read their full descriptions. But continue reading about the slipper chair. It may give you a few decorating ideas.

All About The Versatile Slipper Accent Chair

If you have been shopping for furniture lately, you may have definitely come across the slipper accent chair. The versatile slipper accent chair has an armless body, short legs, and a high back.

It sounds feminine and seems like a piece of furniture that should be in a bedroom. The chair sits closer to the ground and is often used in women’s bedrooms as seating. The chair was originally used by elegant Victorian ladies for the purpose of putting on their silk slippers.

The lady sits on the slipper chair while a maid helps put on her shoes or slippers – hence the name. This article provides information on the versatile slipper accent chair.

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What Really Is A Slipper Accent Chair?

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The compact shape of the slipper accent chair has made it a functional piece of furniture in today’s entryways and living rooms. The chair has an armless body, short legs, and a high back. It’s ideal for tight corners and small spaces in your home.

It’s very rare to find a slipper chair with arms. In fact, the armless design is considered the hallmark of this type of chair. Slipper chairs come in a variety of styles for you to choose from.

History Of The Slipper Chair

victorian woman

The slipper accent chair was first used in the early 18th century. It was originally used in a woman’s bedrooms as seating.

In fact, it was designed as seating a woman’s boudoir or a place where a Victorian lady would sit to put on her pair of silk slippers. A maid would kneel at the lady’s feet aiding in putting on her slippers or shoes.

Victorian ladies usually dressed in a heavy petticoat and a lace-up corset. Hence, putting on her shoes or slippers wasn’t a small feat. She needed some help with the task. The slipper chair was used for this purpose. But it has become a permanent fixture in modern living rooms and entryways.

From Bedroom to Any Room

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Billy Baldwin – a famous American interior designer of the 1950s – is credited with drawing the slipper accent chair out of the bedroom. Baldwin saw the potential of the slipper chair as an entertaining chair.

You don’t want to curl up in for long hours on the slipper chair because it doesn’t have arms. It’s ideal to take a seat and stay awhile, but not for long.

How Slipper Chairs Are Used Today!

Slipper chairs are some of the best furniture pieces in the accent chair family. They are mostly used in living rooms and entryways today. But many people still use the slipper accent chair in bedrooms, dressing rooms, foyers, offices, and even dining rooms.

Slipper chairs are always upholstered. They are highly versatile with a multitude of uses. It can fit always any interior decor scheme with a change of upholstery. Here are some ideas to use slipper accent chairs in your home.

Living Room

If you have a small living room, you can place a pair of slipper accent chairs without box pleats in the front of the windows – perpendicular to the sofa. The compact slipper chair will allow the windows to be seen while using the available space for seating. Match the fabric of the chair to the other furniture pieces in the area.

Coffee Table

You can place a slipper accent chair with exposed legs in front of a coffee table arrangement for a good conversation. The slipper chair can be easily moved and brought closer to the coffee table during an intense discussion.


You can place a slipper chair next to a freestanding bookcase or in a corner with a small table due to the compact size of the chair.


For long entryways or halls, a slipper chair next to a side table gives a cozy appearance.

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