Does your garden have the curb appeal it deserves? Gazing balls are the perfect way to add some life and color to your yard, while also adding an element of whimsy. Plus, they’re so easy to install that you can do it all by yourself in just one day.

A gazing ball is the perfect answer for providing a dramatic focal point in your garden. This article will show you how your garden can benefit from them.

What Are Garden Gazing Balls?

You may see gazing balls referred to as gazing orbs or garden globes. They are not a new decorating concept and have been seen in gardens, both formal and informal, for centuries.

garden globe

A popular use is to tuck them alongside pretty flowers and fountains or grouped together as an artistic garden feature.

To make a dramatic impact in your garden, you can group several of varying sizes together.

Garden gazing balls are typically between 2.5 and 3 feet in diameter, but can be found from 2 inches up to 10 feet in size.

They are usually made with a hollow cast iron core covered with colorful mirrored glass stones that are soldered onto the inner surface of the sphere.

Some are decorated on the outside with a mix of copper and brass colored metal pieces soldered onto outer surface.

Where Did Gazing Balls Originate?

The history of gazing balls dates back to the year 2000 BC. Around this time a Chinese admiral named Cheng Ho is said to have brought home a large, hollow glass globe filled with beautiful colored pebbles that he had found in his travels. He hung the globe from his garden tree and it became a popular decorative item for the wealthy people around China.

The Chinese gazing balls, unlike true modern day ones, were round and flat on the bottom so they could easily stand on a shelf or table. As time went by the flat bottoms disappeared and early versions of what we call today “gazing orbs” began to appear in gardens throughout Europe and the United States.

Today There Are Many Different Types Of Gazing Balls

garden orbs

Modern day gazing balls vary in size and shape from 2 to 10 feet across and up to a 20 inch thick. Some garden orbs are hollow while some have a core made of concrete. Garden globes are usually completely round but can also be found as square shaped. A garden globe is typically used for indoor d├ęcor, table top or mantle decoration and come in clear glass or colored glass.

When selecting garden globes be sure to purchase an all-weather orb, so that it can withstand any type of climate changes and not crack or break.

How to Choose Gazing Ball Size

The size you choose should be determined by:

  • where you plan to use them
  • your taste
  • the aesthetic appeal you want to create in your garden.

A small gazing ball is quite pretty in an informal landscape design or along a pathway, but larger gazing balls can add drama and ambiance to any garden setting. The size you choose should be determined by the location of your gazing ball in the garden as well as how it will look with other objects around it.

What kind of gazing ball should you buy?

Listed are 5 best selling Gazing balls that are available on Amazon.

Stainless Steel Mirror Rainbow Mirror Gazing Globe Mirror Ball
Stainless Steel Mirror Rainbow Mirror Gazing Globe Mirror Ball

Flower Petal Mosaic Gazing Ball
Flower Petal Mosaic Gazing Ball

Sunset Sky Gazing Globe Glass Garden Ball
Sunset Sky Gazing Globe Glass Garden Ball

Iridescent Glass Mosaic Gazing Balls Sphere
Iridescent Glass Mosaic Gazing Balls Sphere

Shiny Stainless Steel Mirror Gazing Ball
Shiny Stainless Steel Mirror Gazing Ball

7 Ways To Display Gazing Balls In Your Garden

Gazing balls bring a feeling of tranquility and peace to any garden or outdoor space. Here are a few ways to display them.

  • Place several orbs together planted with flowers for an instant focal point to any outdoor space
  • Use with a birdbath or water feature filled with colorful marbles or rocks
  • Put a small orb in the center of a flower bed
  • Use it as an umbrella stand for your patio or deck area
  • Position a garden orb in your backyard or front yard tree line for added interest
  • Place one on each side of a small tree, shrub or flower bed
  • Consider placing large sized orbs on either side of an open roof or deck space opening to frame the view


Do Gazing Balls Keep Birds Away?

Gazing balls provide a colorful and attractive addition to garden areas. However, some people believe that the reflective surface of orbs can frighten birds away. Birds in flight see themselves reflected in the glass orb as they land on plants or trees near by, thus deterring them from landing there.

While it is true that many ornamental birds are easily frightened by gazing balls, this is only true for a few birds including crows and seagulls.

In fact most birds enjoy the colorful addition to their surroundings which provide food and shelter during winter months.

How Much Are Gazing Balls?

The cost of orbs varies greatly. It really depends on what type you buy, what size and how large the orb is. The smallest orbs can be purchased for as little as $10 while the largest ones can be up to $200 or more depending on the size and color.

What Are Gazing Ball Stands?

Gazing balls look their best when placed on a special stand. Stands are available in metal, concrete and wood varieties. Picking the right orb stand for your garden depends on what type of orb you have or are planning to buy. Some orbs come with their own bases and others will require one that is purchased separately.

Topadorn Gazing Ball Stand Garden Hardware Metal Stand with Butterfly Adorned for 10-Inch or 12-Inch Gazing Globes

Check out more of the most popular garden globe stands here.


Gazing balls are the perfect addition to any garden or flower bed because they provide an eye-catching focal point that is both beautiful and useful. They are a great way to add color, texture and interest to any outdoor space. If you’re looking for an easy DIY project that will make your garden stand out while also being environmentally friendly.

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