Cyber Monday 2018

The countdown to Cyber Monday continues!  This is the Monday after Black Friday where those who would rather shop online instead of the busy malls spend their time shopping.  Unless you have been living under a rock, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where everyone shops for great deals for Christmas.

Tomorrow is the big day for great gifts obtainable online on Cyber Monday!

Listed are 10 of my favorite items. They will not be in any special order.

Black Friday Is For The Brave!Black Friday

Some people avoid Black Friday like the plague.  Others embrace the hustle and bustle like a warm blanket. Last year my niece and I were at Home Depot at 6:AM to purchase holiday decorations.

I have spent many early Black Friday mornings standing in line at Toys R Us.

One year, my sister-in-law and I stood in the cold for at least an hour waiting in line at Best Buy for gifts for our daughters.

There were so many people ahead of us and crazier than us who arrived even earlier to stand in line and wait for the store to open!

But now, I am preparing for Cyber Monday.

I let my fingers do the walking!  Instead of the yellow pages, it is the keyboard!

The 10 Days of Cyber Monday

DAY #1 – Keurig Coffee Makercoffee

For anyone who loves coffee, tea or hot cocoa, latte or cappuccino, a Keurig is a gift you will love.

With all the latest pod flavors, there is no reason not to enjoy the versatility and convenience of this type of coffee maker.

We have a K55 Programmable machine and it is our 2nd Keurig – For pictures and more information, read my Keurig K55 Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker Review here.

Listed are other models. I really like the nostalgic colors!

DAY #2 – Personalized Gifts

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift and taking the time to have it personalized makes it extra special.

My mother-in-law is a Saints Fan and I know I cannot go wrong with a Saints gift with her name on it. It is always a sure bet.

The great thing about shopping online is that many sites specialize in one of a kind unique and customizable gifts.

Did you know that Amazon has a whole Handmade Department featuring 13 categories of products from jewelry, home & kitchen, toys & games, baby, sports & outdoors, just to name a few?

By shopping on Cyber Monday, you have enough time to have your item engraved and even gift wrapped and mailed to the lucky recipient!

If you are on a budget, read my article Inexpensive Personalized Gifts ideas.

DAY #3 – Portal Plus from Facebook

Portal By FacebookEnjoy video chat from Facebook With Portal Plus device. Several of my friends have this on their wishlist already!

If you FaceTime already, you will love the features of the Portal Plus.  If you do not FaceTime, here are a few of the features:

  • Built In Alexa
  • Voice Command Activation
  • Automatic Smart Camera
  • High Resolution
  • Group Calls
  • and much more

My husband and I FaceTime nightly with my granddaughter.  Since I do not have an iPhone, I have to wait until my husband is present.  Additionally, he has a small phone so we cannot really see my granddaughter that well. I refuse to give up my Android phone.

These issues are eliminated with the Portal Plus.

However, there a few drawbacks.  All parties need a Facebook account.  In addition, the retail cost is approximately $349, but deals are available on  Is it worth it?  Read a full review, Portal Plus From Facebook  here.

DAY #4 – Becoming By Michelle Obama

My husband bought the book the first day that it was available.  My cousin went to the book signing in Los Angeles.  My sister is going at the end of the month in Philadelphia. I am working on a trip to Dallas.

  Enough said.

This is my must read!

DAY #5 – Smart Watch

smart watchFrom my watch, I can measure my heart rate, track my steps, monitor my sleep quality and receive emails.

Oh, did I forget, it also tells time!

The most well known and Cadillac of smart watches is, of course, the Apple Watch

But if you are budget conscious or prefer something different, visit Amazon’s Best Sellers – Smart Watches

DAY #6 – Instant Pot

In these fast paced times, we are always looking for quicker.  The Instant Pot is the answer to “What’s for dinner?”

From meats, soups, chili, yogurt, rice, poultry, beans and more, if you are on the go, but value a home cooked meal, then this is for you!

Read my article – Best Slow Cooker and Pressure Cooker review for more detailed information.

DAY #7 – Smart Plug

Smart Home Devices - Is Your Home SmartIs your home SMART?

More and more gadgets are becoming smart. Imagine turning on your outside lights before arriving at home.

Smart plugs are essential this time of year. You can turn electronics on and off from anywhere using your smart phone. This means that you can schedule them to turn on and off even when away from home.

For more smart ideas, you can download a free copy of SMART Home Basics.

I used one last year to turn on the Christmas Lights. Imagine not having to physically plug in all lights.

If you have Alexa, you could say “Alexa, turn on the family room Christmas lights”.

Now, that is cool!

Speaking of cool. An Amazon purchaser in a review stated he uses a smart plug to schedule a fan on the outside of his garage to cool off his dogs in the backyard…

Click below for one of the best selling smart plugs on the market.

DAY #8 – Ancestry DNA Kit

ancestry dna kitFinding out your ancestry is becoming more and more popular. This is evident by the number of commercials showing people discovering their roots.

Recently, Kelly Rippa, the TV personality, has been reporting that she discovered that her ancestors are from a small area in Italy.

The 3 most popular kits are  AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family TreeDNA.  The price varies depending on how much you want to spend and what type of information that you want. Some kits provide generic health screening data as well for an additional fee.

The video shows how to collect samples for AncestryDNA.

DAY #9 – DeskCycle

DeskCycleIf you know someone that sits way too long and hates to exercise or too busy to go to the gym, this pedal machine is the perfect gift.

It is for all ages, low impact and can be used at most desks. It is actually for anyone and can be used while watching TV to get in those extra steps!

In addition, DeskCycles are used in schools to help children focus and promote learning.

A DeskCycle is just one type of Deskercise (exercise machines that can be used at your desk) equipment.  Read a DeskCycle Review for more detailed information on how to use this machine for health and fitness.

DAY #10 – Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift CardLast, but not least are gift cards. I know it sounds impersonal, but do you have relatives to shop for that have absolutely everything?

With a conservative estimate of over 300 million people shopping online, a gift card is a perfect choice.

It is estimated that more that 75% of online shoppers shop on  You do the math.

Chances are your hard to please relative will be able to find that special something on Amazon and your gift card will be greatly appreciated!

Christmas gift cards com in a gift box, they do not expire and in some areas, there is free one day shipping!

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10 Days Of Cyber Monday

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