Best WIre Free Security Cameras

What are the best wire free security cameras? This Netgear Arlo Pro Review highlights some of its features that make  it a contender.

Did you know?

#1 – FactThere is a robbery taking place somewhere in the United States every 1.6 second

#2 – Fact – According to the UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice, 60% of convicted burglars and robbers take a quick look around the property for security cameras and if they don’t find any, they move ahead with their dark agenda i.e. of robbing your home.

#3 – Fact – 40% of burglars turn their backs on homes with security cameras present, and go elsewhere to target easier, no-camera homes for committing a burglary.

What do these facts signify?

That once you buy one of the best wire free security cameras like the sturdy, sharp-looking, smart security camera Arlo Pro from NetGear, nobody will rob your home and property?.

Sorry to burst that bubble.  Honestly, even with the best security camera system, it could still happen.

But the chances of it happening become really slim. And if it does happen, thieves and robbers are caught quickly due to security footage captured from the smart device installed at the burglarized house.

So, let’s stop dilly-dallying and get on with our comprehensive Arlo Pro review which is a next-generation, 100% wireless security camera that you can control from miles away, using just your smartphone.

If you are curious and want more information now:

Quick QuestionWhat is the Netgear Arlo Pro?

The Arlo Pro, from Netgear, is their second-generation high-definition, weather-proof, automated (with 2-way audio) and completely wireless security camera system. It is super easy to set up and use and comes with just one camera and a base station. You can optionally buy more cameras if needed.

Whether you want to keep an eye out on your animals outdoors or want a camera that moves quickly and frequently, the Arlo Pro is brilliant for both scenarios.

You also get 7 days of completely FREE event-based cloud storage (which is awesome as burglars cannot simply run off with the recordings), and its rechargeable battery lasts at least 6 months. There are plenty of helpful subscription options as well to suit different budgets. Optional but useful.

When the NetGear Arlo first came out, it was a game-changer in the market of smart security cameras. The second-generation Arlo Pro version is better, with multiple improvements, new features and it’s addictively easy to use.

Even your granny can use it – it is just that simple.

Let’s take a look at the design, specification, and features in detail.


  • Size of the sensor – 1280 x 720-pixel
  • Improved night vision
  • The Netgear Arlo app + free cloud service
  • A Base Station is necessary
  • 100% weather-proof
  • Myriad mounting options – dependent on the type of the package
  • USB base station provides local storage support
  • 2440mAh removable battery – lasts 6 months

Design & Details of the NetGear Arlo Pro Smart Home Security Camera

  1. The Arlo Pro is a functional, friendly, and hassle-free design. This high-end surveillance camera sits inside a good quality, durable white housing constructed of robust plastic.
  1. It is entirely 100% weather-proof – so use it inside or outside your home, day or night with complete peace of mind that your videos will be recorded – come torrential rain or high water from a hose!
  1. Flexible mounting positions – from spots close to the ground to the very top of your son’s treehouse, the smart Arlo Pro gives excellent, clear footage everywhere. Plus, you get magnetic mounts which make mounting your camera anywhere a lot more convenient.
  1. The NetGear’s second-generation camera is a 720p sensor and has a wide-angled, 130-degree lens with great picture clarity at the front of it.
  1. In the rear of this chic camera are a micro-USB port for juicing it up and a small flap under which you can find the 2440mAH battery. This is a marked difference from its predecessor where you couldn’t recharge the battery while still inside the camera.
  1. If you want to hear what’s going on, or would like to tell unwelcome guests to get off your lush lawn, tune in to the two-way audio.  It has a built-in mic and speaker, which is always in sync with the recording video. And if you press to talk through the feature-rich Arlo app, you can have a chat with anyone at home, or tell Fido to not sit on the couch – again. Though this 2-way audio feature is pretty cool, we found the volume is a tad low when talking to people at home. But it gets the attention of your dogs instantly!
  1. The Arlo Pro surveillance camera usually sits quietly.  It is switched off most of the time, and but quickly wakes up from its slumber and jumpstarts the recording when motion is detected by the IR sensor at the bottom.
  1. Another new and improved feature is better motion detection. Unlike the NetGear Arlo, the second-gen camera triggers recordings much faster. This allows you to get all of the movement, instead of just some last bits of it. There is free access to the recorded videos from the cloud for 7 days.
  1. In fact, the Smart Motion Recognition feature is actually smart enough to differentiate between people, cars, pets, as well as swaying trees, so you’re not going to be inundated with a zillion useless alerts.

  1. And if you do happen to spot an intruder lurking on your property, then just sound the 100-decibel siren from your smartphone app and scare him off.
    Yes, the updated version of this indoor/outdoor security camera has a built-in really-loud 100Db alarm that can be easily triggered from your Android or iPhone Arlo app.

(For the curiosity bound, there’s also an Apple TV app for easy viewing on your TV.)

    You can even set the camera, or multiple cameras, to sound the alarm when they detect any sort of sound or motion – for even more safety.
    The cool thing is that each camera can be individually set up and not be dependent on the functioning of another.
    So, if you want your backyard alarm to trip up based on motion, you may not want your indoor swimming pool area alarm to go off in the same instance.
    The only glitch we feel it has – the alarm screeches from the hub in your home, and not the front door.  If someone is picking at your car, this might not be that effective to intimidate them or deter them from committing a crime
  1. The NetGear Arlo Pro security cam works best when it connects to its base station which is connected to your router. The base station is typically provided in the Arlo kit, but you can also buy it from elsewhere if you’re so inclined.
  1. The 100Db siren is actually triggered from the base station which makes recharging the batteries a necessity every 4 months or so.
  1. The requisite hub accessory which comes with your second-gen outdoor scalable security camera purchase is an improved version as it helps extend the Wi-Fi range for outdoor camera mounts at longer distances – up to 300 feet as NetGear claims – and it uses a committed 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network that only your Arlo Pro cameras can view.

  1. You need an Ethernet cable to connect your hub to your network which could be a hindrance if your camera and your router are placed far apart. In that scenario, just get a Wi-Fi extender that has an Ethernet port and you will be good to go.
  1. The NetGear app takes care of the technical side of things. which makes the installation super quick and easy. You are up and running in literally 10 minutes.
  1. The app also has some cool features like a low-latency mode where you can look at an almost-live view of your surveillance cameras. This makes choosing a position and an angle for your camera quite easy.
  1. If you are not happy with the lack of an SD card storage, you needn’t fret as the base station is equipped with USB storage. So, all the recording from your Arlo Pro cams is storable in the cloud as well as locally. This useful feature also makes up somewhat for the extra expense of the base station.
  1. Despite only being a 720 sensor, the innovative Arlo Pro’s video quality is top-notch. The wide-angle lens lets you see the whole of your property from any angle you prefer.
  1. Night vision is more than satisfactory as it lights up your property and makes all things clarity-high and recognizable.

Differences Between NetGear Arlo & Arlo Pro

Netgear Arlo Pro
Netgear Arlo Pro

There’s a lot to love about Netgear’s next-gen Arlo Pro indoor/outdoor security

Net Gear Arlo
Netgear Arlo

camera. But there are marked differences in some of the features.

Let’s take a quick look at those:

  • Easy-to-use rechargeable battery that lasts 6 months rather than Arlo’s costly and difficult-to-find CR123s.
  • The DIY home security camera needs 1 battery while the first-gen Arlo needs 4.
  • The battery is located inside the camera and is chargeable without taking it out, unlike with its predecessor.
  • The camera lens angle is much wider.
  • It is compatible with IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings platforms.

The Arlo Pro Security Camera – Pros

  1. High-definition sharp HD video.
  2. Compatible with IFTTT.
  3. 100% wireless.
  4. Free cloud storage.
  5. Works smoothly with other automated gadgets at home.
  6. 100% weatherproof.
  7. Good-value subscriptions.
  8. Installation is quick and simple.
  9. Geo-fencing is supported.
  10. Batteries are rechargeable.
  11. Sound and/or motion triggers recording.
  12. 100Db alarm.
  13. Excellent companion Arlo Pro app.
  14. Reliable connection.
  15. Different kits with multiple cameras.
  16. Magnetic mounts.
  17. 2-way audio.
  18. View live footage from anywhere.

NetGear Second-Generation Arlo Pro – Cons

  1. Mandatory hub adds to an already inflated price tag.
  2. No support for HomeKit.
  3. Motion detection takes a little while to wake up.
  4. Large white base station to connect to your router – seems unsightly.
  5. Free storage only for 7 days. After that, you need to switch a storage plan or insert a USB stick into your base station.
  6. The audio is not loud enough.
  7. Alarms sound from the hub which is not effective to ward of intruders for a large piece of property.

The Verdict

thumbs up

Weatherproof, battery-powered, completely wire-free surveillance camera system, the NetGear Arlo Pro offers its user a lot of the good stuff.

With over 15,000 reviews as of this writing, this is a very popular product!  Don’t take my word for it.


The installation is a cinch, the video is of excellent quality, you get free cloud storage, and the security camera works seamlessly with other smart home devices at your place – what more would you want from the stylishly simple second-generation Arlo Pro?

We believe it is a great addition to your home security arsenal.

Monitor your live feed remotely and get your peace of mind with the NetGear Arlo Pro.

For more information on Smart Home Devices, visit Is Your Home Smart?

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