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Looking for the best toothbrush and water flosser in one?

The Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care System provides a solution for your brushing and flossing needs.

Although many people believe that it is easy to maintain oral health by regular floss and manual brushing, the reality is different.

A water flosser and electric toothbrush are essential if you want to top-notch oral healthcare.

According the the American Dental Association, water flossing is an acceptable and safe way to remove plaque and debris from teeth that could lead to gingivitis and gum disease.

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900
Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900
More effective brushing and flossing in one convenient device; Rechargeable sonic toothbrush includes 2 speeds, timer/pacer, and premium travel case

What Is the Waterpik WP-900 -Complete Care?

Waterpik wp-900 complete care

The Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care is a bundle of two products: the water flosser and a sensonic electric toothbrush. Also included in the complete care system are 5 different flossing tips, 2 toothbrush heads and a travel case.

Use different tips and heads based on your needs:

Classic Jet TipFor normal usage
Orthodontic TipFor braces and orthodontic appliances
Plaque TipFor crowns, bridges, and implants
Pik Pocket TipFor below gum line periodontal pockets
Standard Brush HeadFor general use
Compact Brush HeadFor precision cleaning

Compared to its predecessors, this is a much better model in terms of quality of the water flosser and the price too is cheaper. This superior oral care package will keep your gums and teeth in proper shape without worrying about the cost involved.

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How To Use The WaterPik Water Flosser?

The following steps will help you understand how to use the water flosser and toothbrush:

Close-up of a smiling woman face with braces cleaning her teeth with oral irrigator.
  • Lift the water tank and fill it with lukewarm water. Replace the tank to cover the unit.
  • Select the appropriate nozzle and fit it to the protruding handle of the flosser. Make sure that it clips on to the handle properly. You will find a variety of nozzles in the package.
  • Adjust the pressure setting according to the force you are comfortable with. If you are using a water flosser and electric toothbrush for the first time, it will be wise to turn the pressure dial to the lowest setting.
  • Place the nozzle of the flosser in your mouth and close your lips tightly so that water doesn’t splash out. The water will flow into your mouth and into the sink cleaning your teeth and gums properly.
    You should use the unit in your bathroom or on the sink.
  • Now, switch on the unit and aim the nozzle at your gum line. Ideally, it should be at a 90-degree angle. Release the water and clean the gum line, pausing briefly between every tooth. This cleans your mouth completely, and there will not be a single food particle left.

The force at which the water cleans your gum line can be controlled. You can adjust the pressure while turning the nozzle to control the water flow.

Waterpik Complete Care Features

waterpik key features
The water flosser has a 360-degree tip rotation
There are 10 pressure settings with advanced pressure control
The high-volume reservoir allows you to use more water while flossing
There is a pause button on the handle that will enable you to stop while
The toothbrush dual-speed control on the handle
You can set a 2-minute timer with 30-second quadrant pacer for better
brushing of teeth
The brush head compartment and covered tip can hold 5 accessories
It comes with a two-year warranty and a travel case
Can remove up to 99.9% plaque

Who Benefits From An Electric Flosser WaterPik?

Sensonic Waterpik WP-900 Flosser

Anyone who wants to keep their teeth clean and maintain their oral health should use the Sonic Water Flosser – Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care.

This two-in-one brushing and flossing device is ideal for those who don’t have time to floss their teeth frequently.

If you have plaque and debris stuck between your teeth and you can’t remove them with your usual toothbrush, this oral irragator will come to your rescue.

With 10 different pressure settings, you can floss the debris out easily. Unlike traditional flossing that does not have pressure changing settings, this product works for both first-time and advanced users.

Water Flosser Electric Toothbrush -Pros and Cons


  • You can now floss for long periods because of the 700 ml water tank. If you can’t floss throughout the week, take time and floss it at the weekend with a lot of water
  • The 10 pressure setting feature is one of the best there is. You can control the water pressure to ensure better floss in minutes
  • The sonic toothbrush has two cleaning modes to provide better cleaning of your teeth. Plus, the battery life lasts for a week. You shouldn’t worry about the toothbrush running out of charge while you are brushing


  • The size of the unit is slightly on the bigger side and may take more area in your bathroom

What are Customers saying?

Those who have already used the WP-900 have heaped praises for this product. Priced at approximately $100 it not only has better features than the previous models but also is cheaper.

The ten pressure settings are a killer feature that the users love. They are delighted with how their teeth and gums are after using the WP-900.

FAQs on WP-900

#1 How to use the water flosser?
Fill the water tank with lukewarm water and connect the nozzle. Check the pressure of the water as you put the nozzle in your mouth. Release the water to floss your gums and teeth. Adjust the pressure setting for a
better clean.
#2 How to clean Waterpik Water Flosser?
You can remove the water tank and clean the water flosser manually. Butyou should change the nozzles every 6 months while the other parts should be replaced after 3 months.
#3 How long does the 700 ml water last?
The water lasts for approximately 90 seconds depending on the pressure at which you are using the flosser.

Final Verdict

Stars 4.2

There is hardly any competitor of the Sonic Water Flosser – Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care. This is one of the rare products that offer full money value. Although the size could be slightly smaller, it makes up with some incredible features that will leave you with clean teeth and a cleaner gum in minutes.

There is no doubt that the WP-900 is a must-have for everyone who has debris sticking in between their teeth. If you love your smile and want to maintain good oral health, don’t waste your time.

Get a Sonic Water Flosser – Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care today!

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900
Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900
More effective brushing and flossing in one convenient device; Rechargeable sonic toothbrush includes 2 speeds, timer/pacer, and premium travel case

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