best solar powered outdoor lightsInstalling fancy, high-tech smart home security cameras is all well and good, but nothing invites intruders like dark, deserted walkways and driveways. So, investing in the Best Solar Powered Outdoor Lights will have you covered on all accounts.

Outdoor solar lights are a wonderful way of enhancing the décor and ambience of your home and garden as yard decor is really quite boring.

That’s why outdoor solar powered lights can play an important role in shaping and enhancing your landscaping.

They help in brightening up sidewalks and walkways, and make your painstakingly done landscaping look stunning, while keeping you and your loved ones safe from ill-bearing intruders.

Criminals typically do not like drawing attention to themselves, and they tend to pick homes that do not have a well-lit exterior.

So, besides providing illumination for driveways, backyards and pathways, these cost-effective lights can also project a special, feature-focused light on a particular asset in your garden or patio, as well as provide ample security lighting in the night to deter intruders from trespassing.

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Or continue reading for our full-on review about our recommended best selling solar lights, the Sursun Solar Powered 16 Pack Pathway Lights.

But first…

How Do Solar Powered Lights Actually Work?

Solar LED lights are nifty gadgets that trap the sunlight in their solar panels and once dusk falls, their LED lights get turned on, usually automatically like in the Sursun pack, and are powered by their rechargeable batteries.

To get the best possible performance and optimal lighting, place your Sursun solar led lights in the sunniest place where they can get plenty of direct sunlight and soak up enough power to juice up for the whole night.

Sursun lights promise the strongest of illumination at only 6 hours of daily sunny recharge.

Sursun Outdoor Solar Lights – Features

The Sursun solar LED lights are giving stiff competition to traditional fluorescent lights as well as to halogen lamps.

And why shouldn’t they?

These beautiful looking 16-pack solar lights:

• are completely eco-friendly – they don’t release harmful gases or chemicals into the environment,
• save energy,
• are super easy on the pocket – in the short term as well as in the long term,
• are very portable and easy to use.

The SURSUN Solar Powered 16 Pack Outdoor Pathway Light is one of the best-selling outdoor solar light packs on the market that decorate your pathway and illuminate it. These top-quality solar lights come in a pack of 16 which is quite feasible for an area with a wide base, like a large backyard or a long driveway.

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Another cool thing about these pretty lights is the fact that they are 100% weather resistant – an absolute must-have feature for garden or driveway solar lights – as who wants rain or snow to wreak havoc on their new LED pathway lights?

Additionally, you have the useful anti-corrosion facet of the stainless steel construction of the lights, which guarantee durability and assure us of a sturdy make and model.

The lights are quite safe too and will not be damaged or destroyed easily, which is significantly due to their stainless steel body.

If you were wondering about installation, then let us tell you it’s a breeze – even your granny can fix these lights without working up a sweat. How hard is picking up a rod and dumping it in the soil?

Another thing that customers are raving about is the ergonomics of the Sursun 16-Pack LED Solar Outdoor Lights which just turn on with a press of a switch.

Let’s see – we have already covered quality, and now let’s discuss reliability. These long-lasting solar lights come with a runtime of about 8-10 hours, so your compounds and patios will stay brightly illuminated every night till dawn at least.

Since these solar powered lights are highly energy-savvy they will continually conserve power output, saving you money in the long run on energy bills.

Sursun Solar LED Backyard Lights – A Quick Recap of The Salient Features

• Saves on power and energy
• Completely weather resistant
• Ergonomic solar lights
• 8 – 10 hours of non-stop runtime

Tips For Getting the Maximum Performance Out of Your SurSun Solar LED Pathway Lights

sunsur solar led lights

1. Take off the protective screen off your solar lights before using them.

2. Juice up your lights with maximum sun exposure for 2-3 days before using them for the first time for maximum results.

3. Always ensure that you keep your solar panel lights in the most sunniest area for a proper recharge for at least 8 hours everyday.

Though it does depend on your geographical position, the current weather conditions in your town and the availability of seasonal light for your outdoor solar lights to charge well and work likewise.

4. When using for the first time, switch it on from below the cap and then pull out the spike at the bottom; install the light by inserting it into the soft soil in your ground. If your garden soil is hard, then make a hole in the ground first before inserting the spike so as not to damage it.

5. Once your lights are on, they’ll automatically get illuminated as evening falls and go off as dawn arrives, with absolutely no stress or work necessary from your end.

6. Always make sure to include the cleaning of your outdoor lights in your weekly cleaning regime as dirt and grime can build up to affect their performance and reduce the lighting capacity.

9 Reasons Why You Should Buy the SunSun Solar Lights – The Pros

1. Sursun saves energy.sunsur led patio lights

You don’t need any electricity. Your lights pretty up your backyard without drilling a hole in your power budget as they’re powered by the best source of free energy around – the sun.
A sunny recharge of 6 hours can give you an output of a good 10 hours of continuous runtime.

2. Ease of use and installation.

Installation is as easy as sticking the rod in the mud and turning on the lights. You can be done with the whole pack in 10 minutes or so.

Once installed these solar LED backyard lights are switched on and off automatically, without any stress to you. Besides the benefit of low energy usage, the Sursun lights are environment-friendly too, making them a no-brainer for driveway solar light shoppers.

3. Weather-resistance and durability.

They are constructed of heavy duty stainless steel giving them a shiny, elegant look and making them resistant to corrosion, wear and tear and the harsh elements of weather.
You need not worry about torrential rain or excessive snow as these lights are made to bear it all and promise longevity with a waterproof rating of IP44.

4. Landscaping gorgeousness.

Enhancing your curb appeal and beautifying your gardens just got easier with the 16-Pack solar LED pack of lights from Sursun. If you’re investing money into making the exterior of your home look beautiful and your gardens a landscaping haven, then it makes perfect sense to install pretty looking solar lights which will lend that stunning effect to your outdoors.
ProTip – Aim your solar lights in such a way as to highlight and amplify the best assets of your luscious gardens.

5. Security of your home and office.

As we mentioned before, a well-lit factory or residential premise will deter most intruders and trespassers, and avoid burglaries. Just make sure that your yard is illuminated in such a way as to make it visible from the road, or from a neighbor’s house, so anyone can see what is happening there at night.

6. Safety of everyone around you.

Whether it is you or a family member, or even a guest, walking outside in the dark could be hazardous to anyone’s health as it would be easy to trip on an unlevel sideway or a driveway. So, keep your family and your guests safe by installing solar lights in the edges of the pathway and making it a cinch to walk at night safely.

Think of the legal fees you’ll save by preventing lawsuits due to injury on your property!

7. Sursun Solar Lights application is bright and distinct.

These silver sleek solar lights have a bright and clear light that springs forth from each LED lamp and illuminates the surrounding area. Their beam is glare-free and soft on the eyes. These lights are perfect for any path or focus point. Place them on your patio, in your lawn, or any outdoor spot that could do with some light and shine and a jazzed up look.

8. Portability and convenience.

Whether your dog has wandered off at night or you need to rummage for your tools in your backyard shed and can’t locate your flashlight, you needn’t fret. Just grab a Sursun solar light or two and carry them to wherever you need some light. They are perfectly portable and double up as a flashlight in a cinch.

9. You even get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

To make you a loyal customer for life, SurSun also guarantees a 100% satisfaction assurance for those who are on the fence about buying these solar lights. Plus, you get a 12-month replacement and refund warranty as well if you are not happy with the lights.

What more could you ask for as a return on your investment?

The Cons

1. Some customers feel that the light isn’t strong enough. But that’s a personal preference, we believe, and 16 lights together do pack a punch. But you can only know that once you get them for yourself.

2. On cloudy sun-less days your lights won’t be able to catch all the sunlight they need to work as long as usual, so longevity is affected. But you will still get some solid hours of night light regardless of the visibility of the sun.


To wrap it up, the Sursun outdoor solar LED pack of 16 lights look incredibly attractive, are designed with a vintage idea but a modernistic appeal, are portable and easy to use and make perfect economical and ergonomical sense.

If you’re on the lookout for affordable and durable lighting to brighten up dark areas or beautify your greenery, look no further and grab these solar, silver lights.

The Verdict

Yard decor is usually boring. So, go ahead, make your neighbors envious with a jazzed up landscape that’s lush and pretty with bright lights.

Check out the SurSun 16 pack solar lights right here.

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