Aroma Professional ARC-1126SBL 12 Smart Carb Rice Cooker, 6-cup uncooked/12-cooked, Stainless Steel

My husband is from New Orleans and people from New Orleans eat rice a lot. No “Minute Rice” for him and that was what I was used to. Cooking rice was an adventure because it just took too long and the majority of the time it was either too mushy or not cooked enough. So when I found this Aroma Rice Cooker, I was curious if it would meet his high standards! Continue reading to find out.

What is SmartCarb Technology?

The Aroma Rice Cooker is fondly known as the Smart Carb Cooker due to the trademark SmartCarb technology. What that means is that this appliance will not only help you eat better and lower your carb intake; it will also help you save time preparing meals.

This unique rice cooker from Aroma Housewares is capable of filtering out carbs, thanks to its innovative design and operation. When rice cooks using traditional methods, it has to stay soaked in the water, which means that you have to keep an eye on it, so it does not get too soggy.

However, when it comes to the Smart Carb Cooker, the rice only soaks at the start. Immediately the water starts boiling, carbs in the rice get filtered into the water. This is unlike other forms of traditional cooking, where, as the rice continues to sit in the water, it starts pulling all those carbs back in.

The Smart Carb Cooker’s function ensures that carb-loaded water is removed by pulling it away from the grains and into the cooker’s pot below. From that point onwards, the rice (which is now 30% free of carbs) gets cooked using steam.

source:Aroma Housewares Aroma SmartCarb Technology

How Does the Aroma Rice Cooker Work?

There are 5 easy steps to great rice.

  1. Measure your rice and add it in the cooker
  2. Add the recommended amount of water to the Aroma Rice Cooker inner pot
  3. Close lid
  4. Press ON button
  5. Select White or Brown Rice SmartCarb option

How long do you cook rice in an Aroma rice cooker? For white rice, 10 minutes per cup of uncooked rice. 20 minutes for brown rice.

It doesn’t get easier that this.

Aroma Rice Cooker Parts

aroma rice cooker parts

Functions and Features

Dimensions:10.5 x 10.25 x 9.75 inches
Weight:6.98 pounds
Preset Functions:4
Cooked Rice Capacity:12 cups
Reduced Carb Rice Capacity:8 cups cooked
Delay Timer Setting:15 hours
Auto Keep Warm Function:Yes
Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions:Click Here

What Can You Cook In An Aroma Rice Cooker?

The Smart Carb Cooker is also a versatile appliance and can be used to prepare other meals. For instance, you can take the cooker’s inner pot and use a steam tray made of plastic to prepare side items such as vegetables together with the main meal.

As the cooker can steam and cook at the same time, it makes it easier to prepare entire meals in a shorter time than normal.

You can easily can cook foods such as, soup, chili, stew, vegetables, meats, and even fish.

What I like about the Aroma Rice Cooker

I really like that it has available settings that allows you to choose between slow cook on either high or low, sauté, or even simmer.

If you aren’t ready to start the cooking process, the cooker has a setting that allows you to delay cooking for up to 15-hours.

It also has “Keep Warm” functionality that helps ensure food stays warm and is ready when you’re ready to eat.

The cooker’s inner pot is nonstick making it easy to clean. It comes with a soup ladle, rice spatula, steam tray, and a measuring cup for the rice and these are all dishwasher safe.

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