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How To Make A Lighted Christmas Gift Box From GlassEach year my tennis friends have a fun charity auction. Everyone brings an unwrapped gift and a covered dish for a potluck. We eat and then the fun begins. We have our own version of Vanna White to describe each gift. We bid on the items. All money raised goes to a charity that we have selected.

The handmade items usually bring in the most money. One year my friend brought a unique item that her husband had made. It was a decorative glass block wrapped like a present. I really do not remember how much I paid, but I bought 4. After all, it was for charity! I kept one and gave the others away as gifts.

After the party, my friend told me to Google "how to make a lighted Christmas gift box from glass" if I wanted to make them myself.

A few years later, I finally found the instructions. Imagine my surprise when I discovered how easy and cheap they are to make!

I personally add decorative ribbon only. But you can add more festive ornaments if you have a themed holiday decor. You can be as creative as you want to be!

Supplies Needed

8x8 Decorative Glass Block
Clear 20 Light Bulb Set
2.5 Inch Decorative Wired Edged Ribbon
Holiday Ornaments (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

The process is so easy, you probably do not need instructions. But here they are!

1. Drill hole into glass block (I recommend buying the blocks with predrilled holes)

2. Insert lights into glass block

3. Wrap block with ribbon

4. Make a nice bow and attach on top

5. Add other ornaments if desired

It is amazing how festive the glass blocks are and you can decorate for any occasion. I use mine at Christmas and everyone loves them. My personal preference is to decorate with colorful ribbon. I do not use other ornaments. My daughter adds a mini ornament or two depending on the tree colors. Be creative! Give it a try!