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How To Make Creative Custom Wine Glasses With Your Cricut MachineWant to make custom wine glasses with your Cricut machine? They are super easy to make and are great gifts for both men and women. See video below for detailed instructions.

If you do not already have one, you should try the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint; the most advanced Cricut machine in the market right now.

You not only can make custom wine glasses but also unique greeting cards, personalized home décor, custom-designed apparel, vinyl stickers, and many more.

This die-cutting machine works almost like a printer. You can create a design or image on the computer and send it to the Cricut machine. It will print the cut out in any material you want.

Materials Cricut Can Cut

It’s not like you should expect the machine to cut wood or iron. It works like a printer but can cut through tougher surfaces apart from regular paper, such as fabric, vinyl, faux leather, sticker paper, etc. You can even use the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint as a printer to cut papers into shapes you want.

What Can You Do With A Cricut Maker?

You can do tons of things with Cricut machines if you have a creative mind. The possibilities are endless, depending on the type of material you use in the machine.
Some of the most popular fun projects that you can make using the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint are as follows:

• Make leather bracelets for the female family members.
• Cut out letters and fun shapes for scrapbooking for children.
• Design a t-shirt or onesie for the kids in the house.
• Create handmade cards to distribute to all the guests coming home for Christmas.
• Make custom vinyl stickers or vinyl decals for your car. You can also make permanent signs and hang them out of the door; for example, “Beware of Dogs,” or “Keep your shoes out before entering,” and so on.
• Design Christmas party decorations like buntings that you and the kids can hang on the doors, windows, backyard, and even on the Christmas tree.
• Create decorative Christmas ornaments.
• Make glitter wine glasses. You can make a new set every year using the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint.
• Decorate cups, coffee mugs, or tumblers.
• Make creative envelopes.
• Cut quilt squares or appliqués.
• Create decals to hang on the windows or on the stand mixer.
• Make wall decorations using decals made from a Cricut machine.

So, there are plenty of things that you can do when it comes to the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint. Decorations are in order this year if you get this vinyl cutter machine in the house!

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Supplies Needed

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint
Alternatively, Cricut Explore Air 2 Bundle
• Permanent vinyl. You can choose the colors, depending on the decoration you want to make on the wine glass. Try using a combination of gold and some other color.
• Translucent cutting mat and print of the design you want. A light blue mat is appropriate for wine glasses.
• A weeding tool
• Tweezers
• Transfer tape
• Rubbing alcohol (isoporpyl alcohol)
• Cotton balls
• Wine glasses (dollar store stemless wine glasses work well)

Step by Step Instructions

Once you have everything, it’s time to decorate the wine glasses. Follow the steps below to get your DIY custom wine glasses!

1. Making the design

Download and install Design Space on your computer. It is a must-have for those who want to use a Cricut machine to design on wine glasses. You can get tons of free fonts, add images, and patterns to make the glasses look unique. Open a new project. If you have a specific design in mind, you can add a photo from the “Add image” tab. On the other hand, you can add text using the “Add text” option.

Cricut Design Space allows you to change fonts for every letter or word. If you think the fonts are too far from each other, you can de-group them and bring them closer. Make sure whatever design you choose, it comes in the center of the glass. This is crucial if you are adding texts on the glass. Resize the image, texts, and patterns according to your convenience. Don’t make it too small so that it isn’t visible on the glass. Select the entire image along with the fonts and change their dimension to approximately 3 x 3 inches.

2. Welding

Try using contrasting colors for the designs you choose. For example, you want to write “Merry Christmas 2020.” You can have Merry Christmas in one color and 2020 in another color. So, you need to weld Merry Christmas together and 2020 separately. Welding helps the letters to stick together. Select the texts you want to weld and hit on the Weld option. You will notice the page refreshing once. It means the letters are now welded. You can move the entire box together now instead of selecting every word. Follow the same thing with 2020 also.

3. Coloring the letters and images

Leaving the letters and images black will look odd on a wine glass. It’s the festive season. So, be as colorful as you want. Select the box you want to color. You will see a coloring option on the right just below Weld Result. Click on it to select different colors. Make sure the color you choose matches the color of the vinyl. Assign different colors to different texts and images if you want. Reposition the texts according to the format in which you want to print on the wine glass.

4. Make it

Once you are confident about the color, font, and their position, it’s time to print the vinyl. Hit on Make It on the Cricut Design Space sheet. It will have several mat colors, depending on the number of colors you have in the project. You can use Forest Green for Merry Christmas and Gold for 2020. Take the permanent gold vinyl and stick it to the mat. Follow the same thing with the Forest Green vinyl also.

Make sure you clean the wine glass with cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. This will help to keep the glasses dust-free.

5. Printing and peeling

Load the mat into the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint machine. Make sure a chunk of the vinyl is facing towards the Cricut machine for a quicker cut. Press the load button once you finish putting the mat into the groove. Next to the load button, you will find the cut button. Press it, and the machine will start cutting the letters and images. Do the same thing with other designs and colors. Unload the mat once you finish. Cut excess vinyl.

Carefully peel the top part of the vinyl using the weeding tool. You will see the letters sticking inside because Cricut machines cut it from the vinyl. Peel the transfer tape using the weeding or scraper tool. Put the transparent transfer tape on the letters you cut from the vinyl. Make sure the tape sticks correctly on all the letters.

Quick Trick – put some water in the glass to ensure you are sticking the letter and image in a straight line.

Peel the transfer tape from the vinyl. You will see the letter transferred on the transparent tape. Stick the transfer tape on the glass. Smooth the sticker surface as much as you can. Now peel the transfer tape. Voila! You now have the print on the glass! Isn’t that easy?

Super Tip

When applying vinyl to a curved surface, be sure to smooth vinyl carefully to remove air bubbles.

You can now make custom wine glasses with a cricut machine for any occasion right away. Just use the items mentioned above and follow the steps carefully.