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How To Make A DIY Vanity Mirror With LightsNeed more visibility or light in your bathroom? Do you see shadows when applying your makeup?

An easy, inexpensive solution is more light and this post will show you how to make a DIY Vanity Mirror With Lights under $100.

This particular configuration is a plain mirror sandwiched between 2 4-light bath bars. Optionally, you could hang a fancy mirror between the light bar hanging them independently of the mirror.

The cost would depend on the price of the mirror.

Supplies Needed

4 Light Vanity Bath Bar
White Decorative Globe 40W Halogen Bulbs 3 packs
Mirror 24 by 30 inches
PVC Tile Edging - 5/16 " X 8' 2 1/2"
Extension Cord With Stripped Ends Ready for Wiring (2)
Tape Measure
Flat Head Screws

Step by Step Instructions

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself - Coco Chanel

The video shows step by step how to create an amazing diy vanity mirror with lights. The make up mirror instructions below make the installation process even easier! Use the recommended extension cord with stripped ends ready for wiring (available on Amazon)

The steps are simple and the video shows how easy:

1 - Measure table top where you will be placing your mirror
2 - Cut PVC edging into 2 30 inch strips since the mirror is 30 inches wide
3 - Screw edging into the wall. The mirror will slide between the edging making it more secure
4 - Remove backing off the light kit - take off knobs in order to expose the wires
5 - Attach extension cord to lighting wires (pre-stripped cord makes it so much easier)
6 - Screw edging into the wall and slide mirror into grooves
7 - Screw light bars into the wall. Replace the covering over the lights and replace the knobs.
8 - Add lights.

This is not a difficult project and well worth the investment. The video makes is so easy to follow.

Any female who applies makeup, pluck eyebrows, combs hair can benefit with a lighted vanity in a bath or bedroom.

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