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How To Make A Delicious Green Juice DrinkWhen I first saw someone drinking a green juice drink concoction at a health food store, my thoughts were "who would drink that?"

The plain and simple truth, however, is that juicing provides key nutrients that are essential in supporting maximum wellness for anti-aging and illness prevention.

And as we age, we need our fruits and vegetables more than ever.

Continue reading and I am going to show you the best morning juice for energy and how you to make a delicious green juice drink!

Benefits of a Green Juice Drink

You may ask is a green juice drink really good for you? And the answer is yes!

We all know that that we should consume 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. But how many of us can actually do this?

Juicing simplifies the way you can reach the recommended daily intake of vegetables in a convenient manner.

Juicing is easy to do, but does require a little planning. You need to make sure you have fresh fruits and vegetables. I normally go to the grocery store once a week and select the veggies and fruits that I like.

I buy the already cleaned leafy veggies and this saves a lot of time. You can also prep your produce the night before. This is especially useful when your mornings are rushed or time limited.

You really need a quality juicer. Low-quality juicers just do not pulverize properly. Additionally, a good juicer is easy to use and easy to clean. I use a measuring cup to hold the juice and see how much liquid I have as well as a cup to hold the discarded pulp.

Be creative! Experiment with different recipes. There are great Juicing Recipe Books on Amazon.

Watch the green juicing demo to see how to make kale juice that tastes delicious!

Supplies Needed

Best Selling Masticating Juicer Extractor
Set of 3 Pyrex Glass Measuring Cups
Greens (kale or spinach)
2 Carrots
2 Apples
Juicing Recipe Book (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

Juicing is so easy, you probably do not need instructions. There is really no wrong way to do this. But read your juicer manual first

1. Add dry ingredients first - kale, carrots
2. Add higher water content ingredients next - celery, then apples
3. Juice
4. Enjoy

Juice first thing in the morning before eating other foods. The juice will digest faster and flush any toxins that have were released at night. You will feel the difference in your body!

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