Best Electric Fireplace Logs
Who doesn’t love the warm, cheery glow of a crackling fireplace? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy the coziness of a log fire, but without all the hassle that comes from burning actual wood?

Electric fireplace logs offer many of the cozy comforts of a traditional fireplace but with modern convenience. Here’s why you should consider an electric log fireplace. We also show you a few of the best models on the market.

Benefits of Electric Fireplace Logs

1. They are Easy to Run

Settling down by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate is a favorite way to end the day for many people. However, with traditional log fireplaces, the relaxing can only happen after the heavy labor of chopping firewood, preparing your kindling, stacking the wood, lighting it, and then waiting for it all to catch. Plus, you need to feed the fire as well and clean it out the next day. An electric log fireplace is on with the flick of a switch, and you get instant heat as well.

2. No Clearance Issues

Clearance refers to how close a fire can be to combustible materials like drywall, wallpaper, and wood. The average suburban house is not compatible with a fireplace. You are looking at quite a bit of construction to have one installed. In addition, you can expect it to take quite a big chunk out of your living space. You'll have none of these issues with an electric log fireplace.

3. Modern Technology Can Simulate the Look and Feel of a Traditional Fireplace

The first few generations of electric fireplaces were too thin to replicate the depth of a real one, and the flame effects weren’t very convincing. Modern electric log fireplaces use depth and advanced LED lighting to create surprisingly life-like flame effects. You will feel like you are sitting in front of the real thing without all the work and mess of a real fire.

4. No Smoke

Electric log fireplaces are a fantastic option for suburban dwellings. Many localities enforce restrictions on when and for how long you can burn a fire. Plus, when you live in a built-up area, there is bound to be someone living close by who may be sensitive to smoke. Electric fireplaces will keep you toasty and warm and on good terms with your smoke-sensitive neighbors.

5. Controllable Heat

Not only do you get instant heat at the touch of a button with an electric log fire, but you can also set it to a comfortable level. You don’t have to worry about rearranging burning logs or putting up with too much heat because you overestimated how much wood you needed to add.

Now that you understand that an electric log fireplace is the next best thing to a real wood-burning fireplace (or even better), here are some of the best models available.

5 Top Selections

How Electric Fireplaces Work

Best Electric Fireplace Log Set

Dimplex Revillusion 25 Inch Plug In Electric Fireplace Log Set
Dimplex Revillusion 25 Inch Plug In Electric Fireplace Log Set

The Dimplex Revillusion creates one of the best fake fires that money can buy right now. Pulsing LED lights and a projected flame effect produce a very convincing artificial fire. Hand-finished embers create a niche glow that will make you feel like you are settling down in front of a real wood-burning fireplace.

You get a real fireplace grate and embers that pulse and glow to complete the illusion. The unit is entirely remote-controlled for convenience, and the 120V, 1500W fan-forced heating element is perfect for keeping small spaces toasty on a cold winter night.

Best Electric Fireplace Heater Stove

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Logs With Remote Control
Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Logs With Remote Control

The Duraflame DFI-5010-01 is a 5,200 BTU heater you can take from room to room to enjoy the cheery glow of burning wood wherever you are in the house.

These freestanding stoves are powerful enough to heat a large area up to 1,000 square feet, and the 3D flame effect creates the illusion of flames dancing on and behind the logs. Infrared quartz heat keeps you warm while maintaining the room’s humidity. You don’t have to worry about cracked lips because of your electric fire drying out the air.

The Duraflame electric heater is very safe and includes an automatic shut-off switch if it detects the unit getting too hot. A remote control gives you complete control over the temperature from the comfort of your couch or bed

Best Electric Fireplace Log Insert

Pleasant Hearth Electric Fireplace Log Insert
Pleasant Hearth Electric Fireplace Log Insert

If you already have a wood fireplace but have better things to do than chop firewood or spend hours cleaning a dirty fireplace, then the Pleasant Hearth Electric Log Insert is for you.

It’s just the right size to fit standard-sized masonry or prefabricated fireplaces. A realistic flame effect replicates the random glow of burning ember, and the 4,600 BTUs fan-forced heater spreads the warmth to around 400 square feet.

You can quickly adjust all the settings of this electric fireplace insert, such as flame and temperature, from the convenient remote control. A flame effect projecting onto the back wall completes the fireplace feel. Plus, if you want the fire effect without the heat, you can have the flames while leaving the heater off.

Best Electric Fireplace With Realistic Flame

Dimplex 26 inch Multi Fire XHD Firebox
Dimplex 26 inch Multi Fire XHD Firebox

Enjoy an evening by the fire with the Dimplex 26” Multi-Fire XHD Firebox. This cozy unit features the latest high-tech LED lighting for a realistic flame effect, and the patented inner glow comes as close as you’ll get to replicating the warm rosy glow of slow-burning logs.

You have complete control over the flames. Consequently, you can set them to ‘burn high and bright” or give them a more diminished glow during those occasions when you dim the lights. You can even set the color to your liking, including red, blue, and green.

The heater is a fan-forced variety capable of keeping a 1,000 square foot room toasty, and a built-in timer means you can set it and forget it.

Electric Fireplace Logs With Crackling Sound

Comfort Glow Electric Log Set with Heater
Comfort Glow Electric Log Set with Heater

The Comfort Glow Electric Log Fireplace insert gives you a realistic fire experience with big logs and glowing coals. Underneath the large logs is a 5,000 BTU heater and a powerful fan to push the heat out to where it can do the most good. Projected LED lights to give you that realistic flickering flame effect. In addition, it even makes a crackling sound of burning wood to complete the illusion.

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