Best Clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions
Clawfoot tub shower curtains add some much-needed privacy to your nightly soak, but no ordinary shower curtain will do. Clawfoot tubs are freestanding, which means you will need to grab a shower curtain that extends all around the tub.

In general, when you are shopping around for the best clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions, you will find they have a category all to themselves. This makes shopping for a shower curtain a lot easier. We, however, have done a lot of the hard work for you with our selection of some of the best ones on the market today.

How to Install a Clawfoot Shower Curtain?

Like any bathtub, you need a curtain shower rod to support your clawfoot shower curtain. Still, the clawfoot requires a slightly different shower rod to ensure the curtain extends all the way around the tub.

You can install shower rods for clawfoot tubs on one wall with two supporting points. Alternative, they can hang from the ceiling with two or more supports.

Getting the right shower curtain rod is straightforward, as you simply need to select one that is a similar size to your tub.

What to Look For in Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Solutions?

clawfoot tub shower curtains
Shower curtains provide privacy and prevent water from splashing to the floor. That doesn’t mean they can’t also add to the aesthetics of your bathroom. Fortunately, you have many options to make it easier to get the look you are going for in your bathroom.

Some people like a shower curtain that goes around the outside of the tub and hangs to the floor while using a waterproof liner to prevent water from getting behind the tub. Other curtains are waterproof or water-resistant and designed to fit inside the tub. You will need to pay attention to the shower curtain dimensions so you don’t get a shower curtain that is too big or small for your needs.

A range of materials are available, like cotton or vinyl, so there is something for everyone. Cotton isn’t waterproof, so you will need to include a waterproof liner when choosing this option. Liners keep the rest of your bathroom dry, which helps to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

Some people like a shower curtain that pops with colors. Others prefer a minimalist mono-color design that coordinates well with the other rooms. If the highlights of your bathroom are the fancy fixtures, you want to choose a curtain that doesn’t steal all the focus.

Shower curtains can come with suction cups or magnets to help secure the curtain in place. These are both handy features for people who shower with a window or door open and don’t want to fight with a curtain that refuses to stay in one place.

Finally, you will need to choose between grommets or shower curtain rings. Grommets can make the curtain more durable and manageable when opening and closing it. However, shower curtain rings are available in a broader range of styles, so you can get a design that perfectly matches your decor.

Now that you know what you are looking for in a clawfoot tub shower curtain, we’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

#1. D and M 180 x 70 Clear Water Cube Shower Curtain

D and M 180 x 70 Clawfoot Tub Clear Shower Curtain
D and M 180 x 70 Clawfoot Tub Clear Shower Curtain

If you need a shower curtain that provides some privacy, you may want to look past this model from D&M. The curtain’s unique design creates a semi-transparent, frosted glass appearance you don’t often see in shower curtains.

Reinforced grommets come with shower rod hooks with little rollers attached that make the curtain easier to slide.

There are no weighted magnets or suctions cups, but you won’t need them for this model as the material is heavy enough to keep the curtain stable during showering.

The design of this curtain is for around the outside of the tub, but reviewers have stated that the material is easy to modify if you need a shorter length for fitting inside the tub.

#2. Gibelle Eucalyptus Leaf Extra Wide Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub

Gibelle Extra Wide Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub
Gibelle Extra Wide Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub

This shower curtain is created from soft 100% polyester, so it dries fast, is machine washable, and resists wrinkling.

The featured watercolor design is perfect for nature lovers going for the green aesthetic and will make the ideal accent for bathrooms with a view out to your garden or alcove.

Like the D&M model, this shower curtain comes with wire curtain rings with metal balls for easy rolling and grommets to ensure durability and a long-lasting shower curtain.

The visual design is printed using the latest digital printing technology so your curtain will maintain its vibrant colors for a long time and won’t smell or fade.

If the eucalyptus look is not your style, you may prefer one of the many other popular floral designs from this range. We love the floral version with its gorgeous splashes of color.

#3. MitoVilla Boho Tassel Extra Wide Shower Curtain Set

MitoVilla Extra Wide Shower Curtain Set
MitoVilla Extra Wide Shower Curtain Set

A distinctive black and white geometric design will perfectly complement a minimalist bathroom aesthetic. A tasseled hem is a clever feature that keeps weights nicely out of view while contrasting nicely with the clean lines of the design.

The metal hooks quickly slot into reinforced grommets for a clawfoot shower curtain that will stand the test of time. You can throw this shower curtain into the washing machine when needed, but use a cold, gentle cycle, and be sure to lay it out flat when drying. Also, set your tumble drier to its lowest setting.

MitoVilla has chosen an eco-friendly waterproof polyester material for this curtain to keep your bathroom clean and dry, and it comes in different sizes to fit standard or smaller tub dimensions.

#4. Barossa White Waffle Weave Clawfoot Shower Curtain

Barossa Design Waffle Weave Clawfoot Shower Curtain
Barossa Design Waffle Weave Clawfoot Shower Curtain

The Barossa Design Waffle Weave is a sturdy shower curtain made to last. It’s created from a thick polyester weave and is designed to wrap around the entire bathtub.

You will feel like you are visiting the spa with the soft, luxurious feel of this curtain, which will add a touch of extravagance to your bathroom. There’s no chemical coating-induced smell, and there are no dyes used, so your curtain will resist fading.

The material repels water, so it dries quickly and stays clean. Quickly fit your curtain using rust-resistant, reinforced metal grommets and remove it for washing just as easily.

#5. Riyidecor Clawfoot All Around Green Striped Shower Curtain

Riyidecor Clawfoot All Around Green Striped Shower Curtain
Riyidecor Clawfoot All Around Green Striped Shower Curtain

Thick bold green lines will enhance the beach cottage feel of your bathroom without making it look too busy. The curtain is created from tough, waterproof polyester fabric to ensure a long service life, and the fast-drying material reduces your workload in keeping the bathroom clean.

You get 32 metal hooks in the pack, but the option to use your own is always there if you need a different look.

The material is machine washable, but it is polyester, so only use a cold cycle and set your tumble drier to the lowest setting.

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