Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6″ SM-T560NZKUXAR Review

This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6" SM-T560NZKUXAR Review of my new tablet. It's ironic. My 2-year-old granddaughter used my old Samsung 10" Notebook daily, but I was the one who broke it. I forgot that I had it on my lap and when I got out of the car, it fell on concrete. It still worked, but the tablet screen was cracked. Since my granddaughter uses it, I decided to get a new one.

Read why I chose this model instead of another notebook.

Why I Love My Galaxy Tab E 9.6

First, the Galaxy Tab E is easy to use. My granddaughter can turn it on, swipe the screen to unlock, hit the "YouTube Kids" icon, and watch videos.

Instead of my PC, I carry my tablet everywhere. It is compact and lightweight. I can easily fit it in my purse and it is a better size for my granddaughter to grasp. I use it just like my PC. When I know I will be typing a lot (for a blog post), I use my PC. Otherwise, the 9.6" is perfect.

The navigation is simple. From any screen, I can hit the back or home button located on the bottom of the device and return to where I have been or go back to the home display.

The camera takes clear pictures and videos. I am not a photographer, but for me, the pictures are of good quality for a device that is not a camera.

I can watch TV shows on it. The screen size is large enough to make the shows enjoyable to watch. I watch TV while riding in the car (as a passenger)! I just plug in my earphones and get caught up on shows that I have missed.

Checking my emails and Facebook is so easy. Of course, I love to play Pyramid Saga and Candy Crush on it.

Samsung Galaxy SM-T560NZKUXAR


read mySamsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6″ SM-T560NZKUXAR Review
  • Extended Battery Life - The specifications state that this is 20 hours. I recharge nightly and I am good to go during the entire day.
  • Resolution (Clearness) - 1280 x 800 - The picture is very clear and you can adjust the brightness of the screen.
  • Expandable Storage - It comes with 16GB of RAM (main storage), but if you are storing a lot of photos or music, you can buy up to 128 GB more storage.
  • Built-In Cameras - It has a front and rear built in camera that takes crisp pictures and videos. It is easy to take selfies with one click.
  • Kids Mode - Since my tablet is shared with my granddaughter, this is a must have feature.
It comes with an Android operating system, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, earphone and microphone jacks, and separate micro USB port.

The Samsung Galaxy Essentials widget allows you to have your best content in one place. This includes your premium and free apps.

You can obtain device tips, music and premium content with the Samsung+ app.

Product Performance

For the techies and power users, look at the specification sheet pictured below. If you are that interested, then you probably want a higher end model. For everyday users like myself, this tablet performs very well. In fact, I have not noticed a difference in performance from my 10" notebook. The old one would freeze up on occasion. In 8 months of daily usage, I have not had to restart my tablet due to freezing.

It can stream up to 12 hours of video, although I have never come close to that. Who has 12 hours to watch videos?

I love the Android operating system. One reason is that I have an Android smartphone. Life is slightly easier when you have the same operating systems on both devices. You can easily share data and applications. However, this is not a necessity. I do not share data between the two and there many people who own an Apple iPhone and an Android Tablet.

The cameras are autofocus and are 5 megapixels (rear) and 2 megapixels (front for selfies).

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow me to connect to the internet just about anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Specifications


The screen size is 9.6 inches and it weighs only 1.2 pounds. The product measurements are 9.5 x 5.9 x 0.4. It has an extremely thin design.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Front and Rear View Cameras
  • Can Manage Kid Access
  • Lightweight and Easily Portable
  • Android Operation System with WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity


  • Non Removable Battery
  • No S pen (I really miss the S pen that came with the Notebook. It made access easier).


Price really depends on how you are using the Samsung tablet. To access the internet, watch TV or movies, take pictures or videos, and play games, this model is a great value for the money and features.

This model is smaller than my old one but costs almost 3 times less with only a few missing features!

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9 6 Inch SM T560NZKUXAR Rating

I am very pleased with the SM-T560NZKUXAR. It is highly rated. This is a solid machine and great tablet for most users. For the gamers or techies, you may want to consider a different model. If you are looking for additional computer and laptop gift ideas, visit
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Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9 6 Inch SM T560NZKUXAR