Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review

Have you heard of the sitting disease? It is an actual problem that you may not be aware of. By sitting too long, you have increased the risk of heart attack or stroke. When I heard this, I knew I sat behind the computer way too much and did not move enough.

I really did not need a fitness tool to tell me this. But I bought one. I decided to write a Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review. See how this technology works and how it can change your life.

The Fitbit Alta tracks your activity level, displays how many calories you have burned as well as your sleeping patterns and more. I primarily use my Alta to count steps and remind me to move.

The magic number is 10,000 steps a day. This equates to almost 5 miles a day or about 30 minutes of exercise. Truth be told, I do not reach this number every day. It is definitely easier on the weekend when I am not behind my computer or attending meetings. But somehow knowing my step count gives me the incentive to reach my goal. If I am close, I will walk around the house or the block to reach 10k. Before the tracker, this never crossed my mind to take those extra steps. I even participate in office and family Fitbit challenges.

Fitbit Alta Showing Date and Time


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  • When you tap on the device, the OLED screen displays your steps, distance, active time, and calories burned. This makes reviewing your statistics easy. The tracker also displays date and time and eliminates the need for a separate sports watch!
  • The Reminder To Move feature assists in making you move every hour. The Alta vibrates when you have not moved more than 250 steps. It displays the number of steps needed to reach 250 and encouraging words like "go, girl!" A gentle reminder is just what I need when I am at work.
  • The Alta has an automatic sleep tracking function that monitors your sleeping patterns. It senses when you are sleeping and tracks how well and how long you sleep.
  • The tracker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This functionality allows you to receive text messages and call notifications and even calendar reminders. This is an especially nice feature when you have your phone on silent.
  • The bands are removable. You can purchase different color bands or even fancy ones. This is convenient if you are like me and are using the Fitbit like a watch.
Additional features include a silent alarm that you can set to wake you up in the morning. It vibrates on your wrist. The battery life is 5 days so you do not have to recharge daily.

Product Performance

What I love about the activity tracker, is the Reminder To Move. The tool vibrates if you have not reached 250 steps within an hour. Did you know that moving a little every hour is even better than a daily jog? Studies show that even running daily does not negate the effects of sitting for hours on end. So I am up every hour when my wrist starts to vibrate!

I have to admit that I had to replace the band. One side would not attach to the tracker. I called customer service and a replacement band was sent out. For me, this was not a big deal. I use it 24 by 7. I am even considering purchasing a fancy band.

Fitbit Alta in Plum Showing Steps


The measurements are 9.4 x 0.6 x 0.4 inches and it weighs 1.1 ounces. It comes in 3 sizes; small, large and x-large for wrist sizes 5.5-6.7, 6.7-8.1, 8.1-9.3 inches, respectively. It comes with bands in black, blue, plum, and teal. For x-large, only black is available.

The display is 1.4 inches and 128x36 pixels.


  • Tracks your activity level, monitors your sleep patterns, and shows statistics on OLED display
  • Has built-in Bluetooth connectivity that shows text messages, call notifications and calendar alerts
  • Is stylish and looks like a bracelet and very lightweight
  • Is water resistant to rain and sweat
  • Has vertical or horizontal clock display options


  • Does not have a heart rate sensor
  • Snap-in clasp on wrist band is not user friendly (at least for me)
  • Not waterproof (for swimming or showers)


The Alta is reasonably priced for the features that you receive and the health benefits.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Rating

I would definitely recommend the Alta to anyone. The lack of a heart sensor may deter those who are extremely active. For me, it has increased my activity level tremendously and just makes moving fun.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker