2019 Holiday Gifts For the Entire Family

2019 holiday gifts for the entire family

Looking for 2019 holiday gifts for the entire family? We love the holidays and shopping. That is why we assembled this guide to make it easy for you. You can avoid the stress and crowds at the mall by obtaining all suggestions listed online!

We have gift suggestions for the following family members:

Christmas Gifts for Mom

Moms hold a special place in our hearts. They bring us into the world, nurture us through our formative years, and provide wise counsel to prepare us for striking out on our own. The young don’t often appreciate all their mothers do for them, but when we get older, the realization can suddenly hit home.

There’s no better time than Christmas to show appreciation for all the sacrifices Mom has made for us over the years, so here are a few of our best Christmas present ideas.

#1 – High-Thread Count Linens

Nothing feels quite so luxurious as high thread count linen. Premium quality bed linen is supremely soft, but the price may mean your mother won’t soon spoil herself.

Linen is something that is regularly replaced, but this year your Mom will appreciate the extra comfort as well.

#2 – Candy and Chocolate

You can buy premade varieties, but you could also try making your own. The advantage is that you can ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used and that the strawberries will be fresh.

It’s rare to find a mother who doesn’t enjoy something sweet at Christmas. Rather than a box of chocolates, try chocolate-covered strawberries instead.

#3 – Coffee Gifts

Busy moms enjoy the occasional break where they can relax with a hot cup of coffee.

Most mums will be making do with an instant variety, but you can spoil her with a better-tasting beverage.

Despite the convenience of a Keurig, true coffee connoisseurs enjoy the flavor of fresh ground coffee that comes from a pour over coffee maker when time permits.

A pour-over coffee set will mean Mom has access to barista level quality without leaving home.

#4 – Foot Massagers

There’s no denying that moms do a lot of running around after their family, which means they are on their feet a lot. A foot massager will add a whole new level to those times when Mom can take a break to give her tired aching feet a much-needed rest.

Automatic foot massagers will help bring relief to sore feet and aching legs at the end of a busy day. There are all sorts of models available. Some include heating elements, while others also can soak the feet with warm water and Epsom salts.

#5 – Bath Bombs

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA made Fizzies, Shea & Coco Butter Dry Skin Moisturize, Perfect for Bubble & Spa Bath. Handmade Birthday Mothers day Gifts idea For Her/Him, wife, girlfriend
12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Functional and relaxing. Great Mothers day gifts.; Therapeutic and Moisturizing bath bombs, formulated for Normal/Dry skin

A warm bath is a relaxing end to a full day for moms everywhere. You can liven up Mom’s bath time by supplying her with a selection of bath bombs as Christmas gifts.

The bombs fill the water with nourishing minerals for the skin, as well as create a heavenly scent that will make Mom feel like she’s relaxing at the local spa.


  1. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set - Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding
  2. Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket
  3. ParkBrew Pour Over Coffee Maker
  4. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine
  5. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

For more gift ideas for Moms, read Gift Ideas For Moms.

Dad is Sure to Love These Top 5 Christmas Gifts

Dads are a source of inspiration and timely advice. To help show your appreciation for Dad this holiday season, spend some time choosing the perfect Christmas gift.

#1 – Framed Blueprint Decoration

Dads who love to tinker and pull things apart will appreciate a framed blueprint decoration they can proudly hang in their man cave.

There are a lot of options from a wide range of styles. Blueprints of famous ballparks are great for the tinkering dad, who also loves his baseball.

Golfing dads will get a kick out of a patent for high-tech golf equipment.

Whatever your Dad is into, you should be able to find a blueprint to suit his passion.

#2 – Fishing Gear

Fishing is a popular pastime for many dads, as it gives them an opportunity to chill out and de-stress. Maybe your Dad needs a new reel, or you may have noticed him eyeing off the latest models of fishing rods at the sports store. Surprise your Dad this year with some brand-new fishing gear.

Fishing accessories are always being used up, so a new supply of bait, a selection of lures, a collection of new hooks, or a new fishing knife will go down a treat.

#3 – Tools For The Handyman

Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer in Brown, 10030
Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer in Brown, 10030; 3 interior loops for hammers, drills, pry bars and other long-handled tools

All handymen love getting new tools for Christmas. Most handy dads will already have built up a sizeable collection of tools, so try to choose something a little out of the ordinary.

As you’re walking through the hardware store, keep an eye out for tools and accessories your Dad may enjoy, but would never spend money on. The things they want but would never buy almost always make the perfect gift idea.

For example, this Bucket Tool Organizer !

#4 – Pair of Shoes

Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot, Honey, 13 M US
Ankle-cut work boot with steel toe with padded ankle and oil-resistant outsole

Dads always need a quality pair of shoes, but most will settle for the more common brands or a cheap pair of sneakers. If your Dad won’t spend any extra to get a good quality pair of boots, then do it for him this Christmas.

Steel-toed boots will protect his feet while he’s working around the house or in the shed and will last a long time.

Quality work boots will give your Dad more stability and protect his feet and toes against falling hammers, debris, and even snakes while he’s working outside.

#5 – Sports Fan Clothing

Help your Dad show his support for his favorite team by getting him a t-shirt or jersey in the team’s colors.

A banner or flag would also look great on the wall in the den or man cave. These ideas are a great option that are relatively cheap if you haven’t got a large budget or want something a little extra to throw in with the main gift.

We are a New Orleans Saints family. This is one of our gifts for this year!


  1. Original Golf Patent Art Prints
  2. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos
  3. The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer
  4. Caterpillar Mens Steel Toed Work Boot
  5. New Orleans Saints Socks

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Five Favorite Christmas Ideas for Grandparents

Grandparents do a lot for their children and grandchildren over the years, so it’s always nice to put some thought into choosing Christmas gifts for them.

We have provided 5 gift ideas, some sentimental

#1 – Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame will reduce the clutter on the mantelpiece as well as save time with dusting.

Digital photo frames can connect with online photo storage, or you can upload photos directly to the device if it has memory or takes an SD card.

Before you present it as a gift, you could pre-load it with a few of your favorite images to make it more sentimental.

Read “Best Digital Photo Frame With WiFi – Is It Aura?” a detailed Aura review!

#2 – Framed Newspapers

Framed newspapers are a decorative item that can bring back memories of decades past.

You could choose a newspaper from the year they were born or find one which features a significant newsworthy event from their past, such as a historical election, or the surrender of enemy forces at the end of WWII.

#3 – EBook Reader

Kindle Paperwhite – Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage – Ad-Supported
Now available in Black, Twilight Blue, Plum, or Sage; Now with Audible. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.

Grandparents often don’t have much space for storing books, but if they are an avid reader, then they won’t need much room when you present them with an eBook reader.

These handy devices can replace the average bookshelf many times over.

Another convenient feature of an eBook reader for grandparents whose eyes aren’t what they used to be, is the ability to alter font sizes which makes

the text easier to see and read.

Not only do eBook readers save on space, but your grandparent’s reading material will be a lot cheaper to purchase as well. Grandparents who like to travel will always have a book handy that is a lot lighter and more convenient than the paper versions.

#4 – Subscription Delivery Service

Golden State Fruit Monthly Fruit and Cheese Club (Premium Version) - 3 Month Club
See Product Description for monthly fruit selections.

If your grandparents enjoy the finer things in life, then a subscription service delivering quality cheeses – a different one every month – to their door would be greatly appreciated.

If they aren’t into cheeses, then wine could be another option. Your grandparents will look forward to wine or cheese night every month, so it’s a great gift that keeps on giving.

#5 – Scented Candles

Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar Large Jar Candle, Festive Scent, Green
Long-lasting 110-150 hour burn time; 22-ounce scented candle measures 6.6" H x 4" D; Natural fiber candle wick delivers the best burn for each fragrance

Rounding off the selection of great Christmas gifts for grandparents are scented candles.

You can never go wrong with a variety of scented candles because what grandparent doesn’t want a home that smells nice for when the family comes around to visit.

Take some time to find out what scents they like as they are a very personal thing. What smells divine to one may wrinkle the nose of another.


  1. Aura Digital Photo Frame
  2. AnthonyPrint Framed Newspaper
  3. Kindle Paperwhite Ebook Reader
  4. Golden State Cheese of the Month
  5. Balsam and Cedar Yankee Scented Candle

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens – Our Top 5 Picks

Teens are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for with their lack of communication and their constantly shifting mindset about what’s cool and what’s not. If you’re struggling to get the information you need out of your teenager, then settling for something practical may be your best option this Christmas.

#1 – Portable Chargers

Most teenagers are regularly checking their phones and need a little extra juice to get them through the day. For the average teenager checking their Insta every five minutes, the level of power left at the end of the day will put them in danger of not having a working phone.

A portable power pack is a lightweight solution to ensure your teen always has access to more power for their phone, and ensure they are never left without some way to contact you. You can purchase models that will hold one or two full phone charges. Smaller, lighter, and more portable options can provide a couple of hours of charge in case of emergency.

#2 – Wireless Headphones

Earbuds with their dangling cables aren’t the best way to listen to music on the phone, so a lot of teenagers are choosing to go wireless. A set of wireless headphones is a great Christmas gift opportunity.

A good quality pair will also allow them to take phone calls hands-free and have an all-day battery life.

#3 – Media Streaming Stick

Teens with a small TV in their room will appreciate the convenient access to all their favorite streaming services without having to resort to a small mobile screen.

A Roku or Amazon Fire media stick are affordable and plug into any available HDMI socket to give teens instant access to their favorite streaming service.

#4 – Keychain Locator

Teenagers who have recently begun learning how to drive will appreciate a way to locate their keychain should they ever misplace it. Plus, it’s a gift that can also deliver peace of mind to the parents as well.

Keychain locators are small devices that attach to the keychain and will send out a signal which can be tracked by a mobile phone app.

#5 – Self-Care Items

The teenage years are when most teenagers start to take notice of how they look when they are out in public. Self-care and grooming items will be an appreciated gift that you can be sure will be put to good use.

There are plenty of choices, and you could easily make up a comprehensive self-care gift basket containing everything from skin medications, bath bombs, to moisturizers, lip balm, and sunscreen.


  1. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger
  2. COWIN E7 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
  3. Roku Premiere Streaming Media Player
  4. DinoFire Key Finder
  5. ZIZZON Professional Nail Care Kit

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids – Our Top 5 Picks

Every year seems to bring a new wave of trendy toys for kids, which can make it hard for parents to keep track. When you’re deciding on the best Christmas kids for your small children, you want to make sure you end up purchasing something with a lasting appeal that won’t quickly lose their interest.

Kids at this age are starting to leave their toddler toys in the toybox in search of toys with a little more complexity or provide more of a challenge to their growing minds.

Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game
Slime Kit
Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kit
Magnetic Mini Tile Art
LEGO Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer
ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner
Slime Kit for Girls and Boys - Slime Kits - All Inclusive Slime Making Kit with Glow in The Dark Powder - Glitter, Slime Supplies Kit by Discovering DIY
Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits, DIY STEM Toys for kids, Building Science Experiment Kits for Boys and Girls-Doodling, Balance Car, Reptile Robot (3 kits)
4M 4563 Magnetic Mini Tile Art - DIY Paint Arts & Crafts Magnet Kit for Kids - Fridge, Locker, Party Favors, Craft Project Gifts for Boys & Girls
LEGO Technic Remote Controlled Stunt Racer 42095 Building Kit (324 Pieces)
Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game
ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner
Slime Kit
Slime Kit for Girls and Boys - Slime Kits - All Inclusive Slime Making Kit with Glow in The Dark Powder - Glitter, Slime Supplies Kit by Discovering DIY
Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kit
Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits, DIY STEM Toys for kids, Building Science Experiment Kits for Boys and Girls-Doodling, Balance Car, Reptile Robot (3 kits)
Magnetic Mini Tile Art
4M 4563 Magnetic Mini Tile Art - DIY Paint Arts & Crafts Magnet Kit for Kids - Fridge, Locker, Party Favors, Craft Project Gifts for Boys & Girls
LEGO Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer
LEGO Technic Remote Controlled Stunt Racer 42095 Building Kit (324 Pieces)

#1 – Building Sets

Building blocks are always a firm favorite on Christmas morning, and almost guarantee kids will be using their imagination to create wild and wacky structures for the rest of the year. LEGO never goes out of fashion, but don’t forget about other building toys such as K’NeX model building sets, AILUKI magnetic blocks, or Magna-Tiles.

Advanced kits are available, which should keep slightly older kids entertained with programmable motors providing a fun introduction to computer coding and robotics.

#2 – Slime Making Kits

Slime has become hugely popular of late, no doubt due to the number of YouTube videos showing how to make your own. Slime making kits provide all sorts of ingredients to create different colors and even add glitter. Creating slime can be a messy business, so be prepared to help them clean up afterward.

#3 – Science Kits

Kids have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them, and a science kit will provide the tools they need to explore and understand it a little deeper. All the sciences are represented, with kits available in geology, chemistry, and electricity.

Small telescopes will help aspiring astronomers explore the surface of the moon, or marvel at the rings of Saturn. Microscopes will show kids an astounding miniature world that is normally invisible to the naked human eye.

#4 – Arts and Crafts Gifts

Most kids love using their hands to create something they can be proud of. There are all types of kits you can purchase for making all manner of crafty items. Jewelry making, sewing, bouncy ball kits, sand art, fairy night lights, dinosaur painting, and puppet making are all great craft choices for kids who enjoy building and decorating their own creations.

#5 – Radio Controlled Toys

Remote control toys under the tree will always light up a child’s face. Cars will never go out of style, but there are plenty of options available for those who may not be into four-wheels. There are remote control dinosaurs, helicopters, robots, and drones available. Many of the drone varieties even have cameras to help kids explore out of reach places.


  1. Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game
  2. Ultimate DIY Slime Kit
  3. Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kit
  4. Magnetic Mini Tile Art
  5. LEGO Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer

Best 5 Christmas Gift Options for Toddlers

You may think there’s no easier person to buy a Christmas gift for than a toddler. After all, if it’s colorful and makes a noise, then they will usually love it. Unfortunately, for most toddlers, the fascination will last for only a few minutes, unless you choose the right gift.

You want to choose your toddler gifts carefully, so they spend some time with the toy, but don’t wind up getting frustrated with something too complicated.

Toddler toys also need to be durable because the average toddler hasn’t yet learned the finer points of caring for their stuff.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gift choices that are perfect for toddlers – read on to find out a few of our favorites.

Remote Control Toys
Educational Games
Arts & Crafts
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy's Remote
Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends - Pre-School Play Doll, Marsha Mello - for Ages 3+ | Changeable Clothes and Removable Shoes - Fun Snack-Time Play, for Imaginative Kids
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller, Multicolor
LEGO DUPLO Disney Pixar Toy Story Train 10894 Perfect for Preschoolers, Toddler Train Set Includes Toy Story Character Favorites Buzz Lightyear and Woody (21 Pieces)
Melissa & Doug Drawing Paper Pad Bundle (3 Pack)
Remote Control Toys
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy's Remote
Educational Games
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller, Multicolor
LEGO DUPLO Disney Pixar Toy Story Train 10894 Perfect for Preschoolers, Toddler Train Set Includes Toy Story Character Favorites Buzz Lightyear and Woody (21 Pieces)
Arts & Crafts
Melissa & Doug Drawing Paper Pad Bundle (3 Pack)

#1 – Remote Control Toddler Toys

You’re probably thinking a remote-control toy is a crazy choice for a toddler, but we’re not talking about sophisticated drones or race cars.

Instead, you can choose RC toys designed specifically for toddlers, Many are created in the likeness of their favorite cartoon characters, a roaring T-Rex, or sturdy cars and trucks.

#2 – Dolls for Toddlers

Dolls help to fire up a toddler’s imagination and keep them occupied for hours. Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant features hundreds of interactive sounds and animated limbs to keep a child entertained.

Soft dolls of characters from the current crop of kids’ movies will always light up their faces and will keep them busy when you provide an assortment of outfits and accessories.

Be mindful of small parts that may pose a choking hazard when you choose your dolls.

#3 – Educational Toys

Kids learn a lot about life by emulating their parents, so toys that help them do that can be both fun and educational. Toy lawnmowers,  kitchens, toolsets, and doctors’ bags are always a big hit with toddlers.

They also have long-lasting appeal as they cook up a storm or cure their dolls of mysterious illnesses.

Many educational toys are created specifically for toddlers and include big chunky accessories that are durable, but also won’t fit into small mouths.

#4 – Blocks or Magnetic Bricks

What toddler doesn’t enjoy building with blocks or magnetic bricks, or a Lego set made for small hands? They will happily while away the hours creating exciting new worlds to explore.

Take the opportunity to teach a toddler the importance of cleaning up after play, as blocks left lying around can cause pain and injury when stepped on.

#5 – Draw and Paint Sets

Toddlers love to draw and paint, so a supply of crayons, paints, and markers along with a big roll of cheap paper, will keep them engaged with their imagination for hours.

Suggested gifts for toddlers are listed below:


  1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy's Remote
  2. Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends
  3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller
  4. LEGO DUPLO Disney Pixar Toy Story Train
  5. Melissa & Doug Drawing Paper Pad

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