Toddler Bed Frame In Shape Of A House

I discovered a great way to transition your little one from the crib to a bed with this adorable toddler bed frame in shape of a house. It is so adorable and who knew you could buy a kids bed that looks like a house!

It is handmade from harvested Poplar wood and stands 5 foot tall. It fits perfectly over a standard crib mattress. You can even customize your house with a picket fence, slats or a chimney.

Although this not totally a DIY toddler house bed, there is some assembly required. You will need #2 square bit and a power drill.

The bed frame is for any toddler. Since it is low to the ground, it makes it safe, fun and easy for a child to get in and out of bed.
This particular item fits a crib mattress and not a TWIN.

I really like the fun ways you can personalize the frame. You can leave as natural or paint it to match the room decor. Be creative. For toddler girls, you can fancy it up with pretty curtains along the side.