Personalized Wooden Picture Frame With Birth Announcement

I came across this gorgeous personalized, wooden picture frame with birth announcement when looking for a baby gift.

It is handmade and you can customize it with a baby's name, weight, and date of birth. You can choose finish, either natural wood or painted, to match the decor of the baby's room. Since wood is a natural medium, the variances in the grain make each frame unique.

You can order a painted frame in a variety of colors. How neat is a pink or blue frame as a gift for new parents?

The Gifted Oak, the company that produces this product, is located in Florida. It is a home-grown and green business. They take pride in producing products that do not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or toxins.

This is a great gift for creating lasting memories, especially for relatives. I absolutely adore my framed picture of my granddaughter. I love seeing her birth statistics right on the frame.

I like best about this product is that it can be personalized. You choose the color, your choose, what stats to include, and you can even choose the orientation (landscape or vertical). It really is a great baby gift that you can enjoy!