Handmade Wooden Personalized Cutting Board

This was the summer of bridal showers and weddings. I found this unique, handmade wooden personalized cutting board while shopping online for something special.

This is a neat item. One one side, you display an engraved first and/or last name and a significant date, and on the reverse side, you use it to slice, chop, mince, or dice.

It is constructed from hardwood and your material choices are walnut, cherry, maple, and Sapele. I had to "Google" Sapele. It is an African hardwood tree that looks like mahogany. Depending on the wood, determines the color.

It is available in various sizes and patterns customized to your specifications.

Anyone can use this product. In fact, it is so pretty that people hang it up as wall art or use it as a serving tray instead of a chopping block.

I like the versatility of the product and the selection of hardwoods. It is a great gift for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Anniversaries as well.