Decorative Personalized BPA Free Water Bottle

Everyone in my house drinks bottled water. We take them to the gym, to the tennis courts, to work and just about everywhere.

When I found this adorable decorative personalized BPA free water bottle, I knew I wanted one and that it would make the perfect gift for my granddaughter for school and just about anywhere she goes.

Type Of Water Bottles

This product comes in 1 size - 24 ounces. It even has printed hour markings and encouraging phrases to make sure she drinks enough water. It is slim and lightweight and fits into her backpack.

It comes in 10+ designs and you can add a custom name or quote. The bottle an easy carry loop as well as an ice guard chug cap to keep ice and fruit slices inside the bottle. It is ‎3"W x 10"H and must be hand washed.

Kids, tweens, and even teens can use this item. The whimsical designs are fun for children. They make a great gift especially for children with unusual names or different spellings of common ones. It is narrow enough to fit in the side pocket of a backpack and easily fits in a gym bag. It brings a personal touch to situation.

I really like having a product that has my name on it and I rarely find items with the correct spelling. I really like that is lightweight and leak proof. The fact that is it BPA free is also a plus.

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